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Oracle B2B Marketing

Create targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns, generate high-quality leads, personalize customer and prospect communications, and provide marketing automation. Oracle B2B Marketing uses real-time insights to engage, convert, and nurture buyer relationships to increase sales.

Explore the product's features and capabilities

Gartner Magic Quadrant for B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

See how Gartner rated us and why our innovation drives faster speed-to-lead handoffs and increased revenue.

A marketing automation solution that drives higher lead-to-opportunity conversions

See how to create, personalize, launch, and manage marketing campaigns quickly and easily using Oracle’s marketing automation capabilities, within our B2B marketing suite.

Explore Oracle B2B Marketing

Find the best leads and deliver brilliant B2B marketing campaigns that interact with customers in their preferred channels. Create targeted, cross-channel campaigns and personalize communications with advanced lead management and marketing automation.

Create sales-ready opportunities with automated cross-channel campaigns

Automate the lead generation and qualification process from campaigns that span traditional marketing and advertising channels. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Fusion Marketing automatically scores leads at the account level, predicts when buyers are ready to talk to a salesperson, and generates highly qualified sales opportunities in any CRM system.

Features and capabilities
  • Audience selection and expansion
  • Personalized customer story and content recommendations
  • Integrated, targeted advertising
  • Cross-channel campaign configuration
  • Campaign performance measurement
  • Dynamic opportunity creation and delivery

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Find the best leads through brilliant B2B marketing campaigns that interact with customers in their preferred channels. Create targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns and personalize communications with advanced lead management and marketing automation.

Targeting and segmentation

Connect and activate data from multiple sources to define segments that improve customer engagement. Continuously measure the performance of those key segments to ensure each message is appropriate and relevant.

Campaign orchestration

Orchestrate dynamic campaigns that intelligently adapt to buyers’ activities in real time.

Lead management

Use lead scoring techniques that update immediately while allowing for the flexibility to use different scoring models across campaigns. Uncover and quickly transfer high-quality leads to sales.

Sales and marketing alignment

Keep marketing and sales aligned through unified buyer and account intelligence that simplifies the identification of high-value opportunities and top-tier accounts.

Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization

Make data-driven decisions that improve experiences on your websites and mobile apps. Connect those customer experiences with easy-to-use tools for testing, personalization, and optimization.

Testing and targeting

Uncover what works and what converts using seamless website tools that let you run A/B testing or complex multivariate testing.

Personalization and recommendations

Use data from any source to build complete customer profiles for more precise online targeting, personalization, and recommendations.

Predictive insights

Uncover promising opportunities, drive incremental revenue, and discover customer preferences using Maxymiser Testing and Optimization’s automated insight capabilities.

Mobile app optimization

Build and deliver tests to optimize your mobile and app experiences with the help of an easy-to-use visual editor.

Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence

Optimize your customer’s real-time journey. Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence brings in online behavioral data, applies intelligence to that data, and dynamically recommends actions to personalize and enhance the digital customer experience—at the exact right moment.


Collect multichannel behavioral data in real time. Bring your online customer data into a unified location while the visitor is still on your digital properties.


Use digital ID resolution, data augmentation, and object stitching for a clear view of your online visitor. View recommended customer targeting and retargeting actions—no matter your level of technical expertise.


Deliver personalized customer experiences (CX) on your website and in your marketing campaign or marketing automation system. Provide relevant customer recommendations and customized offers.

Testing and analytics

Give visitors to your website and app the best personalized experiences by conducting A/B testing and multivariate testing. View website customer behavior via heatmaps so you know what resonates and use funnel analysis to see customer journey progression.

Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement

Drive purchase frequency and deepen relationships through personalized customer loyalty and reward programs.

Customer engagement

Build customer profiles that capture data at every engagement point to broaden your understanding and personalize interactions and offerings.

Customized program design

Build customer loyalty programs around your brand’s unique objectives and those who are most loyal with a flexible SaaS platform.

Segmentation, tier levels, and personalization

Refine segments, personalize customer loyalty campaigns, and offer relevant rewards and benefits that drive continued engagement and spend.

Rewards management

Motivate customers to continue purchasing and engaging with flexible tools that allow you to design brand-specific reward strategies.

Reporting and analytics

Evaluate your customer loyalty program, engagement behavior, and member spend using self-service analytics tool.

Oracle DataFox Data Management

Leverage trusted company data and real-time signals to drive more successful, personalized marketing campaigns and sales programs. With continually updated AI-sourced and human-verified data automatically permeated throughout your workflows, you stay up to date with your customers’ changing needs.

Enriched customer profiles

Enrich account records with more than 70 firmographic data points and 68 types of real-time signals. Profile and classify your customer base, improve campaigns with niche segmentation, and enhance efficiency with rich, data-infused workflows.

Ideal customer/account profiles

Use insights gleaned from collected data about traits common to an ideal customer to build an ideal account profile and better define your targeted audience.

Prioritize and grow companies

Prioritize and grow your universe of target companies with a lead scoring model that provides consistent ranking methodologies for prospect companies. Shrink time to revenue by focusing first on businesses with the highest potential.

Monitor real-time company signals

Use real-time signal data to monitor news on prospective companies and identify when they hit key milestones. Then have more productive conversations with those customers and prospects.

Oracle Content Management

Create and deliver the right content across all applications and marketing, sales, and customer service channels consistent, relevant customer experiences. It's personalized content delivered at scale using the power of AI.

Content creation

Create, assemble, edit, and deliver the right content to build highly personalized customer experiences.

Video creation

Take your content strategy to the next level. Collaboratively create and edit high-quality video that get your customers’ attention and keep them engaged with comprehensive support for smartphone cameras.

Advanced video support

Collaboratively edit and manage video content with easy tagging and publishing that makes the entire video management process efficient and scalable.

Omnichannel delivery

Deliver content to the right customer experience channel and make it available whenever and wherever customers want to interact with your brand.

Collaboration and workflow

Work within and across teams using the productivity tools each team finds most comfortable.

Flexible integrations and scalability

Create and add content from popular applications using integrations that let you augment Oracle Content Management features with smart authoring and enhanced digital asset management.

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform

With built-in AI and machine learning, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform connects data to create a single, dynamic profile view of each customer and activate it in real time.

Unified customer profile

Bring your CRM and back-office data together into a single, 360-degree customer profile that updates in real time.

Profile enrichment

Enrich your first-party customer data with smart data. Calculate key indicators and add important attributes from second- and third-party data sources.


Better understand customer intent and target relevant messaging to specific groups using intelligent segmentation.

Customer engagement measurements

Measure customer engagement using AI and machine learning to predict, model, and recommend the best experience for your cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Personalized experiences

Use actionable intelligence to create personalized experiences for all customers and maintain context across their entire journey. Unity Customer Data Platform integrates seamlessly into other customer experience applications for faster time to value.

B2B Marketing customer successes

View more customer successes

See how companies of all sizes are using Oracle B2B Marketing to meet customer needs and deliver unique experiences. Click on each logo to learn more.

Key benefits—Oracle B2B Marketing

01Improve conversion rates with personalization

Collect data from more places, apply intelligence at scale, and use learned insights. Identify and nurture key target accounts and individuals and deliver consistent, personalized, and relevant experiences that drive action.

Connected, personalized B2B marketing

The importance of data aggregation and lead management in marketing automation

02Shorten sales cycles

Unified data aligns sales and marketing activities which, in turn, provides a clearer understanding of the customer, consistent messaging, and better implementation of customer feedback.

3 ways Oracle Marketing improves speed to lead and beyond (PDF)

03Expand revenue through customer loyalty

Know your customers better to drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and increase customer lifetime value.

Find the best B2B prospects and convert them into loyal customers (PDF)

04Differentiate through sophisticated, targeted marketing campaigns

Provide the tools your marketers need to harness their intuition and creativity to orchestrate amazing, targeted B2B campaigns that draw customers in.

Learn how to strengthen your ABM strategy and get results

April 19, 2022

How the convergence of B2B and B2C is changing marketing

Vanessa Denice, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Oracle

Blurring the lines between B2B and B2C marketing strategies opens the door for a new way of going to market: all-to-all (A2A) marketing. All types of businesses want to connect directly with their customers, regardless of whether that person is purchasing for themself or on behalf of others. And while the motivations of those buyers may be different, what they want out of an interaction with a brand is similar. Continue reading to learn how to build a personalized marketing infrastructure that works for A2A.

Read the complete post

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