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Oracle Exadata is the best place to run Oracle Database, simplifying digital transformations, increasing database performance, and reducing costs. Customers achieve higher availability, greater performance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud@Customer, and on-premises deployment options enable customers to modernize database infrastructure, move enterprise applications to the cloud, and rapidly implement digital transformations.

Watch the Exadata overview video (2:07)

Join us for Oracle Database World!

The largest and most comprehensive database event of the year. Learn from Juan Loaiza, Andy Mendelsohn, and other top Oracle experts about the latest Autonomous Database, Oracle Database 21c, Exadata X9M, and Database Cloud innovations.

Exadata Cloud increases financial services insight and agility

Learn why 9 out of 10 of the world's largest financial services firms use Oracle Exadata to run databases for core banking applications and customer analytics.

Oracle Exadata costs less than traditional solutions

Understand why IDC says organizations using Exadata Cloud@Customer reduced operational costs by 47% and realized a 256% return on investment.

Oracle Exadata simplifies cloud migrations

Learn why Constellation Research says Oracle Exadata cloud and on-premises solutions increase customer value with seamless workload mobility.

Why Oracle Exadata is best for Oracle Database

The same capabilities, on-premises and in the cloud

Oracle Exadata allows customers to run Oracle Database with the same high performance, scale, and availability wherever needed. Workloads easily move between on-premises data centers, Cloud@Customer deployments, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enabling customers to modernize operations and reduce costs.

Press release: Oracle Introduces Next-Generation Exadata X9M Platforms

Research note: Oracle Exadata X9M turbocharges analytics and OLTP performance (PDF)

Watch Intel's video (0:31)

Greater automation

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformations by using fully automated database services in their data center to address data sovereignty, security, and latency concerns.

Analyst report: Bringing Oracle Autonomous Database into the Datacenter with Oracle Cloud@Customer (PDF)

Analyst report: Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M Brings Leading Elasticity to Enterprise Needs (PDF)

Read Equinix's story

Higher performance and scale for all workloads

Oracle Exadata’s scale-out architecture enables customers to independently configure compute and storage to optimize database performance and create data warehouses with up to 25 PB of capacity.

Faster than Fast—Oracle Introduces Exadata X9M Portfolio (PDF)

Watch AmerisourceBergen’s story (1:31)

Lower infrastructure and management costs

Oracle Exadata allows customers to reduce costs by consolidating workloads on less infrastructure and with fewer Oracle Database licenses.

Analyst report: Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M: No Database or Workload is Too Large (PDF)

Watch Detroit Water and Sewerage’s story (1:52)

Oracle Exadata

The highest performance Oracle Database cloud service

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service allows customers to easily move enterprise applications to the cloud with the high performance, scale, and availability of Oracle Exadata and the simplicity of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Advanced cloud automation, dynamic resource scaling, and flexible subscription pricing enable customers to run database workloads faster and lower costs.


– Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation allows customers to quickly provision databases and manage them throughout their lifecycle, increasing productivity

– Database-transparent persistent memory (PMEM) integration reduces SQL read latencies to as low as 19 microseconds, allowing customers to support more transactions with lower costs

– Scale-out support for 8 to 3,200 vCPUs with up to 44 TB of memory allows customers to consolidate more databases with a single service, increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs


– Provisioning of 3 to 64 intelligent storage servers, allowing customers to generate deeper data-driven insights with up to 2.5 PB uncompressed databases and 25 PB data warehouses

– Flexible subscription pricing with dynamic up-and-down scaling of OCPU consumption enables customers to tightly control costs and meet peak requirements without interrupting operations

The power of Exadata Cloud Service in your data center

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer allows customers to automate database operations by using Exadata Cloud Service and Oracle Autonomous Database in their data centers. Managed by Oracle and secured behind customer firewalls, Exadata Cloud@Customer allows customers with data sovereignty, security, or latency requirements to start using Oracle’s most advanced cloud database and cloud automation technologies.


– Secure deployment behind customers’ data center firewalls allows enterprises to meet data sovereignty, security, and latency requirements

– Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Autonomous Database support allow customers to automate operations and lower costs using Oracle’s latest cloud database and automation technologies in their data centers

– Infrastructure owned, managed, and maintained by Oracle allows customers to eliminate capital and management expenses

– Database-transparent PMEM integration reduces SQL read latencies to as low as 19 microseconds, allowing customers to support more transactions with less infrastructure and lower costs


– Scalable capacity supporting up to 615 TB uncompressed databases and 6.1 PB data warehouses allow customers to support larger consolidated database workloads, reducing complexity and costs

– High performance with up to 22.4 M SQL read IOPS and 540 GB/s of SQL throughput allows customers to accelerate IO-intensive databases while consolidating diverse database workloads

– Flexible subscription pricing with dynamic up-and-down scaling of OCPU consumption enables customers to tightly control costs and meet peak requirements without interrupting operations

– Operator Access Control allows customer IT teams to address concerns about remote management by authorizing, limiting, monitoring, and controlling all remote infrastructure management by Oracle

The best on-premises system for Oracle Database

Oracle Exadata X9M allows customers to lower costs by reducing the amount of resources needed for OLTP, analytics, and consolidated Oracle Database workloads. Exadata X9M runs Oracle Database with the highest performance, scale, and availability, allowing customers to improve operating efficiency while simplifying management workloads.


– A complete, integrated solution with monthly full-stack patching allows IT teams to reduce system management while improving security

– Database-transparent PMEM integration reduces SQL read latencies to less than 19 microseconds, allowing customers to support more transactions with less infrastructure and lower costs

– Up to 27.6 M SQL read IOPS and 1TB/s of analytics throughput per rack enable customers to increase OLTP throughput and accelerate data-driven insights while consolidating diverse workloads


– Highly configurable systems that scale from an eighth-rack to 12 racks allow customers to minimize the cost of meeting current database consolidation needs and easily expand resources to address future requirements

– Unique capabilities, such as SQL offload to intelligent storage servers and automatic indexing, allow customers to scale application performance with minimal tuning

– High-performance, in-database machine learning allows developers to add new capabilities to existing applications without integrating external services

Oracle Exadata Cloud and on-premises customer successes

Thousands of customers around the world use Oracle Exadata to run mission-critical Oracle Databases, consolidate database infrastructure, and reduce costs with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud@Customer, and on-premises deployments.

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Deutsche Bank adopts Exadata Cloud@Customer for big cost savings

Oracle Exadata use cases

  • Consolidate with database as a service

    Simplify private database clouds with Oracle Exadata or Exadata Cloud@Customer in customer data centers, reducing complexity and lowering costs.

    Read the Exadata Cloud in telecommunications infographic (PDF)

  • Run mission-critical apps at the speed of business

    Run OLTP applications with up to 98% lower latency and 10X more IOPS than other cloud database services, improving the performance of customer applications and reducing costs.

    Watch EDF’s story (1:13)

  • Generate new insights

    Operate data warehouses faster and gain new insights with Oracle Exadata, on-premises or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Watch Exelon's story (1:28)

  • Accelerate applications development

    Enable developers to deliver new capabilities on time and under budget with Oracle Exadata and converged Oracle Database capabilities.

    Watch Samsung SDS’s story (2:28)

  • Analyze cloud databases with machine learning models

    Easily add Oracle Machine Learning capabilities to existing Oracle Database applications and rapidly analyze them inside the database using Exadata.

    Watch NHS's story (1:10)

September 28, 2021

Introducing Exadata Cloud@Customer X9M: The Best On-Premises Database Cloud is Now Better

Bob Thome, Vice President of Product Management for Database Engineered Systems and Cloud Services, Oracle

“With Exadata Cloud@Customer X9M, you get up to 87% better performance, can consolidate more workloads, and leverage cloud automation to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs. Using elastic storage, you can right-size your infrastructure and save up to 45% by eliminating subscribing to unnecessary infrastructure.”

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