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Run Workloads Your Way on OCI

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
12 noon ET / 1 p.m. BRT / 5 p.m. CET

Announcing new cloud infrastructure capabilities

With continued progress on its comprehensive cloud services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has fundamentally changed the way organizations approach technology. OCI has successfully accelerated digital transformation for industry innovators such as Oracle Red Bull Racing, Aleph Alpha, GoTo and Cox Automotive. Today, OCI runs everything from legacy applications to microservices and AI.

Oracle Vice President Leo Leung shares core infrastructure features that can flexibly run any application faster, more securely, and with improved economics. Dive deeper into compute, storage, and networking with presentations from OCI leaders and architects.

Customer speakers

Jonas Andrulis
Jonas Andrulis CEO and Founder, Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha founder and CEO Jonas Andrulis is a serial entrepreneur. He was formerly the AI R&D manager for the Special Projects Group at Apple. For several years, he has been at the forefront of the development of transformative AI. His experience ranges from innovative academic experiments to building and operating petabyte machine learning pipelines for computer vision and language processing.

Ian Brunton
Ian Brunton Application Development Group Leader, Oracle Red Bull Racing

As the group leader for application development at Oracle Red Bull Racing, Ian Brunton heads up multiple software development teams that together build the front-end applications underpinning the engineering and racing parts of the business. The applications range from data processing systems in the wind tunnel to setup tools tracking every component fitted on the car. The applications also enable engineers to run simulations against any racing setup. By supporting engineers in both short-term, high‑pressure decision making and long-term strategic planning, his team is a key contributor to building a championship-winning race car.

Alongside supporting Oracle Red Bull Racing in their Formula 1 championship endeavours, Ian and his team provide expertise to the young driver development program and support Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

Focusing on the sharp end of the racing business, Ian routinely deals with high pressure and fast delivery. Prior to his career in motorsport, Ian worked across central government in the defense, security, and intelligence sector.

Sascha Kuemmel
Sascha Kuemmel Vice President, Technology Strategy and Architecture, GoTo

As vice president at GoTo, Sascha Kuemmel is currently responsible for the company’s multicloud strategy and architecture. He has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering, architecture, product management, and M&A. Before joining GoTo (previously known as LogMeIn) via a merger in 2017, he held various engineering positions with the online collaboration business of Citrix Systems, including running the worldwide platform and real-time communication engineering organization of Citrix Online. Sascha was also the general manager and CTO of VidSoft, a European video collaboration software company that he founded. Sascha lives in Germany and holds various patents in communication networks and video processing.

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor Lead Back-Office Architect, Cox Automotive

Keynote speakers

Leo Leung
Leo Leung Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Leo Leung is vice president of products and strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). His team is responsible for go-to-market strategy, product marketing, technical marketing, and industry solutions. He joined Oracle in 2016 to launch OCI. He’s an experienced product executive at both large and startup vendors, primarily in the data storage market.

Cameron Bahar
Cameron Bahar Senior Vice President, Storage and Data Management Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

At Oracle, Cameron Bahar is the senior vice president leading Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) storage, disaster recovery, and data management platform services. Bringing an exceptional track record as an innovative industry pioneer and international business leader, Cameron joined OCI to both shape the vision and oversee the expansion of Oracle’s public cloud services portfolio.

Prior to joining Oracle, Cameron served as the global CTO of Veritas, Huawei IT and Cloud, and Hitachi Data Systems. He joined Hitachi through the acquisition of ParaScale, a company he founded in 2004. At ParaScale, Cameron created the private cloud category with the development and release of the first software-defined, scale-out, hyperconverged compute and storage platform. Before ParaScale, Cameron led the design and development of Scale8’s distributed internet storage service that provided the world’s first public cloud storage. His extensive experience also includes working as a software architect for HP and Teradata and founding and running Nupon Computing. He began his career at Locus Computing, an early pioneer in distributed operating systems.

Bev Crair
Bev Crair Senior Vice President, Cloud Compute Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Bev Crair leads the combined compute and capacity teams for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as senior vice president. Prior to coming to Oracle, she was the vice president responsible for all product development—including servers, storage, networking, software, quality, support and security—for the data center group at Lenovo.

Bev also served as a vice president and general manager at Intel and has done stints at Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and even Unisys. She specializes in business strategy and planning; new technology development and implementation; and organizational design, development, and dynamics with a focus on building high performing teams. In her spare time, Bev serves as a trustee with the University of California Santa Cruz Foundation.

Yogesh Kaushik
Yogesh Kaushik Vice President, Product Management, Networking Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Yogesh Kaushik is vice president of product management, leading the product team for networking services, network security, and L7 services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Prior to Oracle, he incubated and led product management for Cisco Tetration. Yogesh scaled the zero-trust policy and hybrid cloud workload protection platform, delivered as a service, from an idea to a market-leading product. Yogesh has diverse international experience from working and studying in the UK, US, France, India, and South Korea. He has driven product and business strategy for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Yogesh holds a masters degree in computer science and engineering from University of California, Santa Cruz and an MBA from INSEAD.

Featured speakers

Paul Cainkar
Paul Cainkar Director, Solutions Architecture, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

As director of solutions architecture for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Networking, Paul Cainkar leads a team of evangelists who strive to simplify cloud networking for customers. He is responsible for the technical direction of OCI networking products and services, aligning with product teams and engineering leaders to ensure networking products meet customer expectations. As frequent speakers and evangelists for OCI, his team can be found improving customer cloud journeys across OCI.

Prior to joining Oracle, Paul managed the growth and scaling of hyperscale cloud networks for AWS and was responsible for building lottery gaming networks worldwide.

Sanjay Pillai
Sanjay Pillai Director, Product Management, Cloud Compute Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Narasimha Valiveti
Narasimha Valiveti Vice President, Storage Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Narasimha Valiveti is vice president of storage at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) where he leads block and file storage services. Prior to joining Oracle, Narasimha served as chief product officer at Datera where he set product strategy, pricing, and licensing and executed to a defined roadmap. Before Datera, he was vice president of engineering at Dell EMC where he led a geographically distributed engineering organization of more than 850 employees. He was instrumental in using Data Domain’s key architecture components to provide enterprise-class data protection services in the cloud. He also served as senior director of engineering for Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), responsible for defining and developing the roadmap of the block-level storage management product across UNIX and Linux platforms. He began his career at Wipro Limited and holds a BE in computer science from Bangalore University.

Max Verun
Max Verun Director, Product Management, Block Volume Service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Max Verun is director of product management for the Block Volume service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), defining and building next-generation cloud storage. Max is passionate about building and advancing the state of massive-scale cloud and enterprise software environments. His experience includes engineering and product management positions in hyperscale software companies such as Microsoft where he worked on SQL Server, Bing search index and Office 365; HP Enterprise where he worked on Helion Development Platform and PaaS services; and Oracle where he focuses on OCI. Max also served as director of software development at License Technologies Group managing software application development, project management, data processing, support, and infrastructure. Max began his career at Tellabs as a software development manager, responsible for the development of Software Tools Group for Tellabs 5000/6000 series digital cross-connects. In addition to industry experience, Max has held faculty positions in the computer science departments of Illinois Institute of Technology and DePaul University. Max holds BS in computer engineering from Boğaziçi University and MS and PhD degrees in computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology.


Times shown in


  • Leo Leung

    Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cameron Bahar

    Senior Vice President, Storage and Data Management Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Bev Crair

    Senior Vice President, Cloud Compute Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Yogesh Kaushik

    Vice President, Product Management, Networking Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Secure and Operate Your Cloud Network with Ease

In this session, you’ll learn how OCI networking technologies provide connectivity solutions at scale and how OCI provides end-to-end visibility in the cloud network to simplify operations.

Oracle Cloud networking services allow you to manage and scale your networks. Connect securely to a customizable, isolated virtual cloud network (VCN) as the heart of your cloud deployment with cost-optimized networking.

  • Paul Cainkar

    Director, Solutions Architecture, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Flexible, Fast, and Efficient Compute to Power Any Workload

This session will show how you can quickly and easily take advantage of OCI Compute to power any workload for today and tomorrow.

OCI Compute provides a unique blend of flexibility, performance, and efficiency to support virtually any workload. From memory-intensive database transaction processing to processor-hungry AI and machine learning, OCI Compute helps deliver a broad range of capabilities to match workload needs while meeting business requirements for exceptional price performance.

  • Sanjay Pillai

    Director, Product Management, Cloud Compute Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Flexible and Affordable Storage with OCI Storage Services

Learn how Oracle Cloud addresses key storage workload requirements and use cases through on-demand local, object, file, block, and archive storage.

Oracle’s modern take on storage makes cloud more flexible and affordable than ever. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has the best price-performance Block storage, offering 300K input/output operations per second per volume with sub-millisecond latencies. OCI also brings the enterprise DNA to the cloud by offering strong consistency storage, a requirement for enterprise customers, without compromising the response time.

  • Narasimha Valiveti

    Vice President, Storage Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Max Verun

    Director, Product Management, Block Volume Service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Past event highlights

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May 25, 2021

Learn how market momentum, investments in the Arm ecosystem, and a new Oracle offering make it easy for customers and developers to access this exciting technology in the cloud.

Expanding the Possibilities of Hybrid Cloud (18:16)

August 10, 2021

Learn how the new Oracle’s comprehensive hybrid cloud portfolio, including the new Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure provides organizations with more flexibility and control.

The Future of the Data Lakehouse (29:08)

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Watch Greg Pavlik share how customers are using OCI to build a lakehouse that efficiently integrates, prepares and analyzes all data across their organizations.

Seattle Sounders FC use OCI for line-breaking passes (1:55)

October 26, 2021

Seattle Sounders can generate insights 10x faster on OCI, helping players create more goal-scoring opportunities.

Gartner® Solution Scorecard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IaaS+PaaS

Explore how OCI meets 90% of Gartner’s Required criteria, including scores of 100% for Compute, Storage, Networking, and Software Infrastructure.

IDC: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Heterogenous Workloads

IDC calls Oracle Cloud Infrastructure “the ideal platform for running heterogeneous workloads,” including cloud native and enterprise applications.

“Every element of our performance is driven by data analysis. Having Oracle as our title partner shows the confidence we have in their expertise and their ability to deliver a competitive advantage.”

Christian Horner, Team Principal and CEO, Oracle Red Bull Racing

“We migrated a global inventory management system that tracks thousands of automotive repair parts and accessories from an on-premises system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We've already achieved a 70% increase in performance and cut our five-year total cost of ownership in half.”

Masahiko Tamura General Manager, Supply Chain Systems Department, Mazda Motor Corporation

“Our environment is extremely complicated. We have between 150 and 160 integrations with external backends, mainframes, and thousands of small applications that provide geographical data, pricing, and process calculations. We needed a solution that could make our migration as seamless as possible.”

Sanjay Date Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Group, 7-Eleven

“Oracle’s IaaS remains a differentiated play, offering tangible benefits in performance and openness, as well as costs that typically undercut competitors by more than half according to Oracle’s established customer claims.”

Sriram Subramanian Research Director, IDC

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    Enterprises that need:

    • Granular compute options to help you right-size cores and memory for your workload.
    • Fast, local storage critical to performance-intensive workloads.
    • Right-sized virtual machines with access to fast, local storage to help match both compute power and storage performance, independently, to the needs of workloads, resulting in more efficient resource usage and lower costs.
    • Modern firewall capabilities to secure networks and prevent intrusions and data leaks, as well as quickly detect and mitigate any intrusions that do occur.
  • What can I expect from this Oracle Live?

    Oracle will share the latest cloud infrastructure services. You’ll learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can flexibly run any application faster, more securely, and with improved economics. Then, we’ll dive deeper into our compute, storage, and networking technologies with OCI experts.

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    The keynote will start at 12 noon ET.

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