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Run Workloads Your Way on OCI

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 | Original broadcast

Announcing new cloud infrastructure capabilities

With continued progress on its comprehensive cloud services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has fundamentally changed the way organizations approach technology. OCI has successfully accelerated digital transformation for industry innovators such as Oracle Red Bull Racing, Aleph Alpha, GoTo and Cox Automotive. Today, OCI runs everything from legacy applications to microservices and AI.

Oracle Vice President Leo Leung shares core infrastructure features that can flexibly run any application faster, more securely, and with improved economics. Dive deeper into compute, storage, and networking with presentations from OCI leaders and architects.

Jonas Andrulis, CEO and Founder, Aleph Alpha
Ian Brunton, Application Development Group Leader, Oracle Red Bull Racing
Sascha Kuemmel, Vice President, Technology Strategy and Architecture, GoTo
Robert Taylor, Lead Back-Office Architect, Cox Automotive
Leo Leung, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Cameron Bahar, Senior Vice President, Storage and Data Management Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Bev Crair, Senior Vice President, Cloud Compute Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Yogesh Kaushik, Vice President, Product Management, Networking Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Watch highlights from the Oracle Live keynote

Oracle Live in 5: Run Workloads Your Way on OCI | Highlights (5:33)

Watch highlights from Oracle Live: Run Workloads Your Way on OCI.

Customer Highlights: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (2:15)

Watch highlights of OCI customers that participated in our Oracle Live: Run Workloads Your Way on OCI.

Learn best practices from OCI customers

GoTo Enhances Real-Time Communications on OCI (2:08)

GoTo improved performance and reduced costs (by 50%) by migrating its global video transcoding workload for GoToMeeting to OCI.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Runs 25% More Simulations with OCI (1:57)

Oracle Red Bull Racing accelerated simulation throughput by 25% with OCI. Arm-based virtual servers running containers give race strategists more time to make the right call, and more simulations provide better analytics for race day.

Cox Automotive Saves More Than $4 Million Annually with OCI (4:02)

For its back-office infrastructure, Cox Automotive implemented OCI to run high-volume, back-office enterprise applications including Oracle E-Business Suite and Exadata Cloud Service, resulting in annual savings of more than $4 million.

Technical deep dive

Secure and Operate Your Cloud Network with Ease (45:53)

In this session, you’ll learn how OCI networking technologies provide connectivity solutions at scale and how OCI provides end-to-end visibility in the cloud network to simplify operations.

Flexible, Fast, and Efficient Compute to Power Any Workload (47:50)

This session will show how you can quickly and easily take advantage of OCI Compute to power any workload for today and tomorrow.

Flexible and Affordable Storage with OCI Storage Services (46:53)

Learn how Oracle Cloud addresses key storage workload requirements and use cases through on-demand local, object, file, block, and archive storage.

Past event highlights

Advancing the Future of Cloud with Arm-Based Computing (22:55)

May 25, 2021

Learn how market momentum, investments in the Arm ecosystem, and a new Oracle offering make it easy for customers and developers to access this exciting technology in the cloud.

Expanding the Possibilities of Hybrid Cloud (18:16)

August 10, 2021

Learn how the new Oracle’s comprehensive hybrid cloud portfolio, including the new Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure provides organizations with more flexibility and control.

The Future of the Data Lakehouse (29:08)

October 20, 2021

Watch Greg Pavlik share how customers are using OCI to build a lakehouse that efficiently integrates, prepares and analyzes all data across their organizations.

Seattle Sounders FC use OCI for line-breaking passes (1:55)

October 26, 2021

Seattle Sounders can generate insights 10x faster on OCI, helping players create more goal-scoring opportunities.

Gartner® Solution Scorecard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IaaS+PaaS

Explore how OCI meets 90% of Gartner’s Required criteria, including scores of 100% for Compute, Storage, Networking, and Software Infrastructure.

IDC: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Heterogenous Workloads

IDC calls Oracle Cloud Infrastructure “the ideal platform for running heterogeneous workloads,” including cloud native and enterprise applications.

“Every element of our performance is driven by data analysis. Having Oracle as our title partner shows the confidence we have in their expertise and their ability to deliver a competitive advantage.”

Christian Horner, Team Principal and CEO, Oracle Red Bull Racing

“We migrated a global inventory management system that tracks thousands of automotive repair parts and accessories from an on-premises system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We've already achieved a 70% increase in performance and cut our five-year total cost of ownership in half.”

Masahiko Tamura General Manager, Supply Chain Systems Department, Mazda Motor Corporation

“Our environment is extremely complicated. We have between 150 and 160 integrations with external backends, mainframes, and thousands of small applications that provide geographical data, pricing, and process calculations. We needed a solution that could make our migration as seamless as possible.”

Sanjay Date Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Group, 7-Eleven

“Oracle’s IaaS remains a differentiated play, offering tangible benefits in performance and openness, as well as costs that typically undercut competitors by more than half according to Oracle’s established customer claims.”

Sriram Subramanian Research Director, IDC