Oracle Advertising and CX Virtual Summit: How Organizations Help Sellers Get Back to Selling

14 October, 2021 | Original Broadcast

Drive sales success with a solution actually built for sellers – Full show (1:06:00)

Sales strategies and tactics need to evolve for businesses that want to meet their buyers' needs. Virtual selling is here to help organizations create smarter, more intuitive experiences for both buyers and sellers—and ultimately increase sales.

Explore virtual sales

Path to digital transformation: The first step towards virtual sales

Path to digital transformation: The first step towards virtual sales (20:28)

Today's customers are more digitally savvy than ever, and the role of sales has changed to better serve and support them. The path to successful digital transformation isn't always a straight line. Learn how to achieve your goals with IDC.

Product Demonstration: Simplifying sales from lead to close

Product Demonstration: Simplifying sales from lead to close (09:02)

Oracle's new sales experience puts virtual sellers at the center of the digital buying journey, equipping them with the most relevant customer data—wherever and whenever their buyer chooses to engage.

Deliver better customer experiences through guided selling

Deliver better customer experiences on any channel, at any time (31:33)

Understanding your customers and meeting their needs requires sales insights and solutions to make every customer interaction matter. Hear from Oracle customers who are connecting their data, using automation, and offering self-service to guide the sales experience.

Partners’ perspectives

Create Relevant Conversations with Gong (4:34)

Give sellers the insights they need to deliver relevant and personalized conversations whenever buyers engage with your virtual sellers.

Connect with Customers through Five9 (4:48)

Develop lasting customer relationships and help seller close deals faster with frictionless outbound calls directly within your sales solution.

Enable sales success with LinkedIn (3:42)

Offer instant access to the information virtual sellers need, so they can make connects and get back to selling.

Discover Revenue Intelligence with (2:52)

Put your CRM on auto-pilot with and Oracle. Unlock siloed or trapped data and uncover actionable insights to drive revenue predictability and performance.

Make selling simple

Eliminate time-consuming, manual data entry and give your sellers more time and tools to do what they do best – selling.