Financial Services Data Management Solutions

Accelerate the deployment of analytical applications for finance, treasury, risk, compliance, and customer functions with Oracle's modern data management solutions. Its award-winning financial services data governance software provides a single source of truth, enabling you to access real-time insights with robust analytics and address regulatory and accounting requirements with ease.

Improve claims and lapse experience by unlocking great value from data.

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Leverage regulatory data to drive business efficiency

Oracle Financial Services Data Foundation provides a common platform for risk, finance, treasury, compliance, and customer applications. It integrates source information and standardizes and reconciles the data to provide a single source of truth and enable a faster financial close process.


  • Manages upstream data acquisition and maintenance
  • Offers more than a thousand data quality rules, contextualized to end use
  • Provides a predefined physical data model for data sourcing and reporting
  • Reduces the time spent on product integrations
  • Supports intraday and end-of-period batch operations

Gain a single view of enterprisewide financial data

Oracle Insurance Data Foundation helps chief information, risk, and financial officers drive even greater business results with unprecedented performance, responsiveness, scalability, and manageability.


  • Easy-to-use integration interfaces that enable data consolidation
  • End user–driven, predefined physical data model for sourcing and provisioning
  • Extensible model that supports all Solvency II data requirements
  • Prebuilt data quality checks, contextualized to end use
  • Ready-to-install, proven, unified, and comprehensive data model

Simplify data across the accounting record-to-report process

Oracle Financial Services Accounting Foundation helps financial institutions streamline current accounting processes and reconcile the general ledger (GL) with instrument or policy ledgers. It does this by providing the accounting platform with detailed event-, transaction-, and instrument-level data from core banking and insurance systems.


  • Reduce time to close with a “thin” ledger design for the GL chart of accounts.
  • Produce accurate financial reporting, including statutory, regulatory, and management reporting.
  • Optimize accounting operations with reconciled instrument- and policy-level balances, executed in parallel to the GL process.
  • Govern processes and data for accounting, financial reporting, and related audits and analysis.
  • Analyze balance and reconciliation information with the support of an extensive catalog of analytics, reports, and dashboards.

Manage upstream data acquisition and maintenance

Oracle Financial Services Data Integration Hub alleviates the resources needed to establish the movement of data from a variety of source systems into Oracle Financial Services risk and finance solutions.


  • Ensures data quality, accuracy, and financial integrity via the staging process
  • Offers preconfigured data interfaces and prebuilt mappings for Oracle data sources
  • Provides complete inbound and outbound data services to and from Oracle Financial Services risk and finance solutions
  • Supports ASCII files, XML, and EBCDIC files and databases
  • Supports multiple analytical use cases and reporting needs with the ability to reuse data

Active governance layer for accuracy

Oracle Financial Services Data Governance for US Regulatory Reporting automates and validates regulatory compliance reports and associated functions to implement effective data governance and comply with internal and external regulatory standards for the US.


  • Defines operational and quality controls on every data element
  • Maintains a business glossary for standardization
  • Monitors all key metrics, trends, and variances on data elements
  • Provides preconfigured data interfaces and prebuilt mappings for Oracle data sources
  • Self-learns from system behavior over time

Why choose Oracle Financial Services data management solutions?

Deliver better actionable insights across the financial services industry with unified data.

01A single source of truth for your financial organization

Gain accuracy and financial integrity throughout the enterprise with standardized and reconciled data. Compile reports faster.

02Modern data management architecture to unlock business value

Mitigate risk and gain confidence with consistent results from your business applications. Seize emerging opportunities using real-time insight.

03A strong data culture enabling greater efficiency across financial services

Increase productivity and agility using a unified data model for faster adoption of new business requirements and better data-driven decisions.

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