Confidence Starts with Oracle Food and Beverage Consulting

In today’s uncertain times, you need a trusted advisor to ensure business-driven results , empowered by innovation. No one else is as motivated as we are to help you unlock the full potential of your Oracle MICROS Systems. Whatever your goals from reducing costs to increasing revenue or improving performance and the overall customer experience, we work with you to ensure your success.

Consultancy Services for Food and Beverage Operators of All Sizes

Whether you’re a local bar or a global restaurant chain, together with Oracle you can accelerate your business goals, instill speed and efficiency, and transform your business. Our deep industry and technology expertise bring the best to you. From planning to configuration and implementation, we work closely with you and your teams to make sure you have access to both product- and industry-based best practices.

Your Success Is Our Mission

With more than 400 consulting resources available to deliver services all over the world, we bring the knowledge to optimize your business along with access to a wide range of capabilities and support across the entire Oracle portfolio.

  • We know Oracle Food and Beverage products best, which makes us the natural choice to guide, consult and advise you.
  • With unwavering accountability and engagement, no one else is as motivated to ensure you unlock the full value of Oracle MICROS applications.
  • It’s simple: no partner can stand behind their work on Oracle MICROS applications like Oracle Food and Beverage Consulting.
  • Operating with integrity and respect, we roll up our sleeves to create effective solutions. We love what we do—and we want you to enjoy working with us.

The Oracle Food and Beverage Consulting Advantage

We’ll demonstrate how our unparalleled knowledge, industry acumen, and investment in your success will catapult your business to new heights in the cloud. We bring:

  • Leadership and innovation
  • Modern best practices
  • Shared goals
  • Robust methodology
  • Faster time to value

Configuration Management for Efficient Operations

Menu consistency is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Enterprise Configuration Management. We focus on making the menu and configuration changes you need so you can focus on running your business.

  • Eliminate in-house programming and streamline managerial tasks
  • Leverage a global team of consultants with a range of language skills
  • Manage both small and large restaurant operations as well as franchises
  • Ensure consistent coverage and brand standards across locations
  • Reduce errors and maximize margins

Rebound, Rebuild, and Reimagine with Oracle Food and Beverage Consultancy

Ready to start talking rebound? Oracle Food and Beverage Consulting has put together a series of Rebound Service Offerings to help you open your doors. The restaurant industry is incredibly creative and resilient. There is no doubt we will see a plethora of new models and ideas emerge as brands navigate uncharted waters.

The Oracle Food and Beverage Consultancy team is here to help, with everything from a full-service relaunch to site-level system health checks. Our team will ensure that, whether you are reopening or launching a new service, your team will be ready to welcome customers back with open arms.

We Understand Your Business

330,000 Installed Workstations and 5.9 Billion Transactions Annually

Maximizing business performance is mission-critical in the current climate. Our customers see improvement across every business measure—from better inventory management to faster transaction processing. Improve speed of service and order accuracy, reduce waste, and onboard employees faster.

Our consultants are standing by to help you.


“Oracle has not only provided us with a system that does the job we need, but their EMM team have held our hand to guide us through the process. We have learned so much from their years of experience, and they have been proactive in helping us establish best practices and ensure we get the best out of the system.”

Chris Hill, Operations Director for Thwaites

Get Your Free Personalized Restaurant Rebound Report

To continue our long-term goal of supporting the survival of both large and small restaurants, our teams have developed a post-COVID modeling tool, built to provide personalized guidance to restaurants of all sizes. This new tool enables us to generate a tailored set of hypothetical dials for your business, based on your restaurant analytics. The results will help you to better understand your current situation and the best way forward for your restaurant. Book your free personal consultation with one of our experts now. Our robust model will help you to make informed business decisions to not only help you reopen but rebound.