Digital Assistant for HCM

Provide seamless communication and guidance to all employee questions with conversational AI support through an HR chatbot. Ensure employees complete transactions, receive answers, and execute processes in new, productive ways. Help your employees to reach their full potential.

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Part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform

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Contextual support

Conversational AI support

Enable employees to get answers by conversing with an AI-powered digital assistant—via text or voice—in their own language.

FAQs answered with an extensive knowledgebase

Ensure that employees receive quick, accurate answers about time off, vacations, returning to work, and other related information.

Contextual answers

Receive personalized responses as you complete workflows or ask specific questions.


AI recommendations

Career development

Empower your team by proactively suggesting learning development and promotion opportunities through an AI-driven digital assistant.

Team bonding and communication

Create connections with your team and encourage great performance by providing immediate feedback to employees on recent projects.

Time back in your day

Approve important actions needing your attention such as approvals for expenses, time off, and other HR processes to free up your time and resources.


Extensible platform

Strategic HR management

Save time and money with 35+ self-service transactions.

Cross channel communication

Enable employees to connect to your organization in the way they feel most comfortable: text, voice, SMS, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Guidance on virtually any device

Ensure that managers and employees can complete 100% of self-service transactions on their mobile device.


Key benefits of HR Chatbots

Scale HR chatbots across your global workforce

Stay agile as your business grows with a flexible chatbot architecture that lets you easily add more users and build new, AI-driven interfaces to solve new requirements.

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Resolve trending employee questions

Proactively provide answers to employees as they seek guidance on company policies and processes by combining Digital Assistant and HelpDesk for Human Resources.

Provide a personalized employee experience

Realize the power of a unified HCM solution combined with a personalized employee experience. Deliver contextual benefits information, career development opportunities, and other answers from the digital assistant.

Deliver faster, more consistent guidance

Automate repetitive tasks by engaging with the digital assistant to quickly complete approvals, promotion workflows, and help desk information.

Receive contextual support for all life events

Whenever life events happen—such as getting married or undergoing a medical procedure—the digital assistant automatically brings up the next steps for benefits, time off policy, and other programs so you can give them access to the right information at the right time.

Natively built in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Connect your Digital Assistant across HCM, ERP, and CX solutions to make it easy for users to interact with multiple systems in one conversation.

Out-of-the-box conversational AI capabilities

Get started quickly with more than 35 prebuilt, AI-powered transactions. As your business evolves, you can easily build your own transactions to meet specific requirements.

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