Workforce Management

Align business strategy, reduce compliance risk, and deploy the workforce with greater control through a fully integrated HR solution that links time, labor, scheduling, and leave management with payroll, financial, and personnel data.

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Absence planning

Allow workers to bid on time off and enable managers to award time off fairly while ensuring adequate coverage.

Global best practices

Automate absence accrual and entitlement policies globally while meeting local requirements, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act in the US.

Wellness and balance

Implement wellness policies such as compensatory time-off plans and the ability to cash out absence balances.

Burnout controls

Analyze absence trends and identify correlations to high turnover and high overtime hours.

Total workforce time tracking

Reduce pay errors with automated overtime and other policies for salaried, hourly, project-based, and contingent workers.

Fast and simple time entry

Deliver a mobile-responsive user experience that allows employees to capture and track time from any device, anytime.

A priority-aligned workforce

Track labor against what matters to your organization, such as projects, grants, cost centers, and more.

Security and fraud controls

Leverage role-based or location-based security controls and limit access to prevent time, absence, and payroll fraud.

Intelligent shift scheduling

Make informed decisions using business data and AI insights to fill shifts based on qualifications, preferences, and compliance requirements.

More manager face time

Fill shifts or post open shifts with incentives using AI, freeing up managers so they can focus on their workers.

Balanced coverage

Ensure coverage for the required headcount or scheduled hours without exceeding budgeted or full-time equivalent (FTE) hours where required.

Optimized operational needs

Optimally automate shift creation and the assignment of available people with the right skills to meet expected demand.

Compliance with regulations

Automate shift assignments at scale while adhering to complex labor policies, the budget, and FTE hours.

Balanced business priorities

Optimize schedules to deliver the best customer and employee experiences.

Prioritized preferences

Let workers set their available shifts and days in the same mobile app they use to plan absences and complete scheduling tasks.

Easy employee shift changes

Provide employees with tools to reach out directly to a qualified coworker and ask them to cover or swap a shift.

Democratized shift access

Make extra shifts available to claim in the scheduling app and notify employees of any incentives that may be offered.

Gifted accrued paid leave

Enable employees to gift paid leave to coworkers through the same tool they use to check accrued balances and request time off.

Set shift expectations

Provide frontline workers with prioritized tasks to complete during their shift.

Engagement in the flow of work

Use Guided Journeys to provide workers with guidance on how and when to complete their tasks.

Monitored productivity

Give managers insights into task completion and the ability to reassign or reorder priorities.

Proactive management

Improve incident management by capturing more incidents sooner and enabling quick responses and follow-up actions.

A culture built on safety

Promote a culture of workplace safety and compliance through improved inspection management.

Analytics-driven monitoring

Use safety data to understand trends, and help reduce accidents and workplace hazards through root cause analysis.

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