Communications Service Providers

Oracle Communications

Communications Service Providers IconCommunications Service Providers

Drive new revenue through flexible business models backed by future-proofed network resources.

Reduce New Service Time-to-Market

Customer Experience
Customer Experience iconCustomer Experience

Can you deliver a better communications customer experience than your competitors?

Offering engaging customer experiences at all touchpoints expands your customer base, reduces churn, and monetizes customer relationships—increasing customer spend and brand loyalty.

Convergent Charging and Policy
Convergent Charging and Policy icon Convergent Charging and Policy

Can you rapidly launch offers and empower customers to personalize their usage experience?

A convergent charging and policy solution enables rapid time to market of services and personalization, maximizing customer interactions and reducing costs.

Network Resource Management
Network Resource Management icon Network Resource Management

Are you ready to handle the dramatic growth in network traffic?

A modular network resource management solution minimizes the challenges of scaling and managing your network when deploying new technologies—leading to optimized networks and accurate inventory.

Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router
Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router iconOracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router

Can you stop network outages and capitalize on the mobile-data opportunity?

Intelligent routing, traffic management, and load balancing make networks elastic enough to handle data and signaling loads triggered by subscribers, devices, and applications.

Oracle Communications Policy Management
Oracle Communications Policy Management icon Oracle Communications Policy Management

Are you generating revenue with your 3G and LTE network investments?

Shape policies and drive new use cases with easily configurable solutions that determine and manage how subscribers and applications utilize network resources.

Oracle Communications EAGLE EIR Solution
Oracle Communications EAGLE EIR Solution icon Oracle Communications EAGLE EIR Solution

How well are you managing the epidemic of smart phone theft?

Simplify screening and assignment of individual and broad ranges of subscriber and mobile equipment identities using sophisticated database management and robust signaling.

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