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Move and Improve Your Revenue

Maximize revenue with an end-to-end, enterprise-grade, revenue management solution that improves business agility and operational efficiency, and includes unified and adaptable pricing, billing options, diverse product portfolios, and multiple lines of business on a single platform.

Revenue Management in the Digital Age

Solution Overview

With Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing, financial institutions can enjoy the double benefit of moving their enterprise revenue management and billing workloads to the cloud. This shortens time to value and offers better price execution, driving more flexible billing options to meet revenue goals.

The solution is adaptable for all banking function across retail and corporate banking, custody and sub-custody services, asset servicing, negative interest and VAT.

  • Preconfigured and ready to use application
  • Most complete, best-of-breed functionality spans the revenue management lifecycle
  • Accurate, repeatable, and predictable revenues from billing operations
  • Gain subledger, payables, and receivables management on a single platform
  • Embrace relationship-based pricing and on-demand billing
  • Easily integrates with front- and back-office systems
Move and improve your revenue

Product Features for Revenue Management and Billing

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Deal pricing

  • Manage deal pricing across customer type, product, line of business, and geography
  • Perform what-if pricing analysis against different price points and drill down to multiple levels
  • Configure workflows for pricing proposal review and approvals
  • Monitor and track customer commitments in real time

Enterprise pricing

  • Apply appropriate price for customers based on relationship, profitability, and risk
  • Set pricing based on product parameters, channel characteristics, eligibility criteria, promotions and exceptions

Enterprise billing

  • Generate aggregated billing invoices and statements by consolidating charges across product lines
  • Segment bills by event-based fees, interest calculations, recurring fees, etc.
  • Set up customer billing preferences such as billing hierarchy, periodicity of the billing statements, and currency type
  • Incorporate rebates, earnings credit, adjustments, and corrections to bills

Hierarchy management

  • 360-degree view of the customer relationship across group and individual entities
  • Create multidimensional hierarchies and apply pricing and billing rules at any level of the hierarchy
  • Generate a single, consolidated invoice at any level of the hierarchy

Rules library

  • Define who to charge (all entities involved in transaction) and what to charge ( all the price items, charge codes, products, services)
  • An unlimited number of rules to map transactions under a variety of situations such as one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many

Accelerated time to market

  • Leverage preconfigured cloud service with built-in best practices
  • Deliver end-to-end digital business across the revenue management lifecycle
  • Utilize a single pricing and billing cloud to serve any line of business, product, branch, or location
  • Easily integrate with Oracle and third-party front-office and back-office solutions

Data-driven decisions

  • Data science and analytics embedded directly into processes
  • Built on a single data model to share and manage data across the business
  • Customer 360-view that weaves together customer behavior and customer relationship
  • Seamless data file integration and faster data retrieval response times

Multiparameter-based pricing

  • Flexible charging structure: pay-as-you-go, unit-based, transaction-based, and subscription-based pricing models
  • Charge based on the value of customer relationship and in the context of the customer’s buying pattern and circumstances
  • What-if modeling capabilities to assess alternative rate structures against margin goals