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Extending Value with Hotel PMS and POS Integrations

Building partnerships in business is key to success. So is choice. With Oracle Cloud Marketplace, hotelier and hospitality businesses have access to a vast array of partners, services, and flexible APIs that can help you adapt to ever-changing business needs and new customer trends. With Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you can choose the best partner options to increase innovation, and provide your hospitality business the services it needs to evolve and deliver unmatched customer experience for your PMS and POS operations.

Discover the Oracle Hospitality Innovation Center, current and prospective integration partners learn how to integrate using our open APIs.

Hospitality Partners and Integrators All in One Place

Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Partner Network gives hoteliers, restaurants, and businesses the choice and opportunity to enhance guest services, cut costs, and increase agility. Backed by open integrations with MICROS Simphony and OPERA Cloud, hotels and hospitality businesses can take advantage of:

  • Mobility/self-service kiosk
  • Booking engine
  • Payments
  • Distribution
  • In-room amenities (phone, internet, video)
  • IoT/Infrastructure management
  • Revenue management
  • Central reservations
  • Loyalty/customer relationship management
Oracle Hospitality Integrations for PMS and POS Operations
Featured on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Hospitality PMS, POS, and Operational Integrations

Optii Keep

Optii Keeper

The Intelligent Rooms Platform designed to maximize productivity and improve your bottom line.

3C Payment

3C Payment

3C Integra P2PE terminal software integrates with Oracle Hospitality solutions via Oracle Payment Interface 6.2.

Meeting Package

Meeting Package is an online marketplace and a booking engine that brings meeting room bookings genuinely online.



A hospitality marketing agency, CRM suite, tech innovations team, and consulting all in one.



DigiValet, a global leader in iPad based guest room solutions, personalizes the in-room experience of hotel guests and allows them to control all room amenities and hotel services from the tablet or even their smartphones.

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