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Medicinal product safety teams are under enormous pressure to control ever-increasing caseloads, new sources of signal detection data, and changing regulations—all with flat budgets and resources. What if you could alleviate this pressure on multivigilance activities, while improving efficiency and strengthening compliance?

Collaborate with industry peers to advance safety.

How our customers experience Oracle for pharmacovigilance

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For over two decades Syneos has relied on Oracle for safety case management
4C Pharma Solutions enjoys better, more concise safety case processing without errors
PharSafer depends on Oracle Argus Cloud to process, analyze, and report adverse event cases

Ensure compliance from clinical trials through post-marketing surveillance

Automate your safety case processing

Reduce processing time by 50% while improving accuracy and compliance through AI-powered digital case intake.

Explore Safety Case Intake

Make faster, better safety decisions

Relieve the pressure of growing caseloads while maintaining compliance with global regulations and standards by automating safety case management.

Explore Argus—Safety Case Management

Confidently detect, analyze, and manage safety signals

Automate safety-signal detection with proven algorithms developed by world-class statisticians and data scientists.

Explore Empirica—Safety Signal Management

“When you have Argus, you know you can handle everything from small Phase I to large Phase III and IV trials.”

Timo Toivonen

Vice President, Services, Crown CRO

Are you prepared for regional, post-market medical device safety regulations?

Una Kessi, Oracle Product Management, Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Medical device safety reporting requirements vary by region—make sure you are up to date on the regulations and are prepared to comply.

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Is AI the key to speed and efficiency in pharmacovigilance?

In an effort to bolster pharmacovigilance programs, pharma companies have succeeded in gathering massive amounts of data—so much so that they have found themselves struggling under the weight of it, particularly around adverse event reports. Is AI the solution?

Addressing the data challenges of pharmacovigilance

Hear how pharmacovigilance managers are addressing the increase in volume and variety of incoming drug safety data.

Collaborate with industry peers to advance safety

Discuss best practices in pharmacovigilance, hear about harmonized approaches to meeting new regulatory requirements, and stay current with the Oracle safety product strategy and roadmap.

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