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Oracle Utilities Opower

Opower brings AI and behavioral science to the customer experience and turns data into action. More than 175 utilities help customers reduce energy usage with our home energy reports, behavioral load shaping, proactive alerts, and digital self-service solutions.

Consumers want to combat climate change.

Get National Grid’s view on how Opower achieves decarbonization
Evergy doubles customer engagement with its rate education communications
APS has committed to dramatically lower or eliminate their carbon emissions by 2050
American Electric Power moves to a single customer platform to boost service and satisfaction
The northern Japanese natural gas and electric power utility has successfully added more than 180,000 customers since market deregulation started

Energy efficiency that makes a real difference

Drive electrification growth

Promote adoption of electric vehicles and provide owners with personalized energy usage insights. Educate customers about the benefits of electricity-based heat pumps with targeted outreach and promotions.

Explore Opower Electrification Solutions (PDF)

Deliver truly personal customer engagement

Support engagement goals across all of your programs—from decarbonization to customer care. Improve billing communications, self-service experiences, targeted promotions, and other programs with content driven by their personal energy consumption habits and delivered to each customer across preferred channels.

Explore Utility-Focused Customer Experience

“By working with Opower to tailor messaging in our HERs…we have been able to provide our customers with the individualized services they needed.”

Todd Berreman

Director, Energy Efficiency, CenterPoint Energy

Home energy reports that help everyone save

Informational, visually appealing reports that make it easy to engage all customers, help them make smart energy decisions, and save on their bills.

Explore Home Energy Reports (PDF)

Increase adoption of TOU rate plans

Eliminate customer confusion about time-of-use (TOU) rate plans with coaching experiences that convey the benefits of variable pricing plans.

Explore Behavioral Load Shaping (PDF)

Simplify digital energy management

Easily embed energy management widgets within your website and mobile apps to provide personalized advice, shape usage patterns, and move customers to digital channels.

Explore Opower Digital Self Service Energy Management (PDF)

Alert customers to savings

Identify customers on track for high energy bills and proactively notify them, saving customers money and dramatically reducing the frequency of billing-related calls.

Explore Proactive Energy Alerts (PDF)

Why shutting off the lights today might be the most effective way to avoid climate change tomorrow

Mary Sprayregen, Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, Oracle

Opower’s head of regulatory affairs makes the case for behavioral energy efficiency as the lowest-cost tool for achieving emission reductions fast and affordably.

Read the complete post

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Consumers saved the world 25 TWh of power

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Welcome to the future of home energy reports

Here’s how the home energy report has evolved over the last decade.


Influencing customer behaviors to achieve our clean energy vision

Opower insiders discuss customer behavior and clean energy in this Utility Dive article.

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