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Intelligent transportation management with machine learning

Machine learning for more accurate transit time prediction

Make better planning decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and lower supply chain risk by adapting a machine learning (ML) approach to transportation planning. Let's take a closer look and see how it works.

Make better decisions

Get more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) during the shipment planning process. Receive updated ETA based on in-transit events, and obtain the total transportation lead time at order capture. Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) leverages industry-leading ML algorithm and infrastructure for intelligent transit time prediction.

Predict ETA

Customers view predicted shipment arrival and transit times in their daily workbenches. Predictions can be incorporated into standard OTM workflow and agents for fast response and action.

Configure in a no-code environment

Machine learning models are fully configurable and can be fine-tuned to fit business-specific needs and transportation scenarios. A no-code environment makes configuration easy.

Respond to real-time risk events

Incorporate events, such as GPS updates and disruptions, and external factors, such as weather and traffic, to improve your responsiveness to real-time factors.

Retrain models to automatically adapt to the most recent data

Retrain your models with the most recent shipment history. With ML natively integrated into OTM processes, you can trigger conditional logic or set up recurring actions. Over time, your model accumulates a richer set of shipment history and gets periodically retrained with incremental data, becoming more accurate in a lights-out, self-improving process.

Gain insights and track performance

Users have full visibility into model accuracy and performance. This helps users further fine-tune the model and build up trust and confidence in AI.

Develop actionable insights

Predict end-to-end transit time for multiple transportation legs and convert this information into actionable insights. Users can easily identify at-risk shipments, make corrections, and improve performance.

Combine machine learning with Oracle Transportation Management

Leverage our best-in-class logistics platform to make better planning decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and lower supply chain risks.

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