Design Tech High School

Design Tech High School, also known as, is a pioneering California public charter high school. Oracle’s relationship with began through the Oracle Education Foundation in 2014 and quickly grew and deepened. That same year, Oracle decided to build a home for the school on its Silicon Valley campus.

“Every day at, students play an active role in shaping the world. Our partnership with Oracle provides access to incredible resources, the best of which are Oracle employees, who generously volunteer their time and talents to provide students with real-world learning experiences.”

Ken Montgomery Cofounder and Executive Director, Design Tech High School

Continuous adaptation

By design, was built to respond to the needs of both students and educators. Amid the pandemic, reopened its campus, offering a flexible schedule that enabled students to focus on their daily academic and extracurricular priorities.

The school’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the faculty, whose relentless optimism and commitment to their students transformed a moment of crisis into an opportunity for growth and learning.

Students making a difference

A social media alert to help people find COVID-19 vaccine appointments, a tutoring club to help Afghan refugees practice speaking English, an environmental advocacy project showcasing the impact of recycling through a colorful mural—these are just a few of the projects students are contributing to the world, each one making a positive difference.

Intersession: Learning beyond campus

The Intersession program is a defining educational experience. Three times a year, for 60 hours each time, students explore new disciplines and industries through classes offered by nonprofits, businesses, and professionals. Students choose from a wide range of classes such as photography, entomology, cooking, and event venue operations. Every Intersession, Oracle Education Foundation offers classes on technologies such as neural networks, web applications, data science, and more.

Oracle Volunteers at

Oracle Volunteers feel at home at, donating their time and talents to support students year-round. Last year, Oracle Volunteers developed software to improve scheduling for Intersession classes. The application, called Exploration Station, streamlined the student and faculty experience and enabled the program to continue virtually and in person throughout the pandemic.

Photo credits: 2. Design Tech High School. All other images copyright Oracle.