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Contextual Intelligence: The right environment can make or break your message

Oracle Contextual Intelligence allows advertisers and publishers to understand the underlying meaning of content and the environment in which their ads are served, so they can maximize protection and connect with relevant audiences at scale—all within a privacy-friendly environment .

Contextual Intelligence: The right environment can make or break your message

How we can help

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Protection with Brand Safety

Brand safety is no small issue on the web. Safeguarding consumer trust means protection from content that doesn’t align with brand values. Engaging customers at the right moment and on safe touchpoints with speed, scale, and control are essential components of a brand’s success. Contextual Intelligence offers protection of a brand’s message, across the core metrics of brand safety, viewability, and fraud.

Protection with Brand Safety

Accuracy with Brand Suitability

Accuracy empowers brands to move beyond baseline protection. Contextual Intelligence goes further by accurately controlling the brand suitability of a campaign’s targeting. Brand suitability means accurately targeting campaigns through custom contextual segments, balancing avoidance of harmful content with topics that positively resonate with your brand.

Accuracy with Brand Suitability

Connections to Trends

Harness the power of trending moments. Oracle Contextual Intelligence has an understanding of the open web, enabling us to connect data sets and help define strategies that are meaningful to your business. Contextual Intelligence allows you to target important mindsets and life moments. With the ability to ingest and listen to the trending nature of the web, we enable clients to connect to their customer’s mindset in real time.

Connections to Trends

Relevant Reach and Scale

Access hard to reach environments. Oracle Contextual Intelligence understands billions of pieces of content across the crawlable web. Page-level control coupled with the ability to reach billions of impressions offers a privacy-friendly solution that can be activated across all platforms. Contextual Intelligence is even evolving beyond the web into video, social, images, and other formats.

Relevant Reach and Scale

The news industry needs advertisers’ support now

Advertisers who use extensive keyword-based blocking of all content referencing the coronavirus are cutting off revenue that funds the vital news industry. Read more about how Oracle Data Cloud is supporting a clarion call to the industry to stop aggressive blacklisting.

How does Oracle Contextual Intelligence work?

Oracle Contextual Intelligence uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to scan and categorize content in real time across billions of websites, so marketers can deliver ads in effective, safe, and brand-relevant environments. We offer full customization and transparency of all segments, ensuring you don’t miss out on any advertising opportunities.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence offers targeting capabilities in a privacy-friendly environment to achieve brand suitability—at scale.

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Oracle Data Cloud Customer Stories

SBS and Zenith logo

“Predictive Targeting kept up with the conversations constantly evolving. We reached our audience in a way not possible with a static keyword or contextual strategy.”


SBS and Zenith

SBS Puts Their Campaign at the Center of Trending Consumer Conversations with Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence Solution

WWE logo

WWE was able to determine the keywords and stories trending among their fans, helping them capture new potential audiences and increase reach.



Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence Solution Leads to 351% Increase in Conversion Rates for the WWE

Vice logo

“We recognize the need to create environments that are truly brand safe. So we're now launching the first contextual brand safety solution for video, powered by Oracle Data Cloud.”



Vice and Oracle Launch the First Contextual Brand Safety Solution for Video

Volkswagen logo

VW utilized Oracle's pre-bid, page-level brand safety solution to build a comprehensive keyword list, leading to 5 percent more impressions being let through that would have otherwise been considered unsafe by a competitive technology.



Volkswagen Uses Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence Solution to Zero-In on Brand-Safe and Relevant Content