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Oracle Modern Data Platform

Oracle offers a single platform that supports all data types, workloads, and development styles with built-in AI and machine learning to deliver meaningful business insights.

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Next-Gen Data Platforms for Dummies

Read this For Dummies guide to discover how a next-gen data platform can help your organization maximize the value of your data with AI, ML, and analytics, eliminate inefficient data silos and integrations, and meet your end-to-end data needs.

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Oracle Data Platform Meets Apperson Jack Rabbit: Different Century, Same Outcome

Cloud Wars takes an in-depth look at the sizzling-hot market for cloud-based data platforms, the challenges many organizations face when using many current data platforms, and how Oracle Modern Data Platform can help you overcome those challenges. The title of the paper highlights an analogy the author draws between the current data platform market and the early automobile market—and the manufacturer shakeout that followed.

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The Enterprise-wide Benefits of a Comprehensive Data Platform

The Futurum Group examines the limitations of leading data platform providers and how Oracle Modern Data Platform delivers substantially more functionality and requires less integration than solutions from other providers. Learn how Oracle helps you meet your enterprise-wide need to combine data of different types and from different sources with a comprehensive, open, modular, and integrated architecture that requires fewer services and integrations than competing offerings.

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Oracle's Data Platform Gets an EPYC™ Boost: Enables Competitive Advantages and Lower Costs in the Cloud

Constellation Research examines how Oracle Modern Data Platform combines data integration, diverse database capabilities, data lakes, AI/ML, analytics, and application development in a cohesive way. Learn about Constellation’s recommendations on how Oracle Modern Data Platform and next-generation computing platforms can enable enterprise acceleration, increase workload portability, and allow you to improve both application performance and reduce costs.

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Making the Complete Data Platform a Reality

CIO magazine examines why organizations are looking at data platforms to meet their end-to-end data management needs and why many current implementations fall short. They find that organizations need “a unified data management system that intelligently manages and provides secure access to enterprise data.” Find out why CIO magazine sees Oracle Modern Data Platform as the best way to meet enterprise data processing needs while avoiding the complexity and costs of the “frankenstacks” required by other vendors.

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Oracle Builds a Most Compelling Data Platform on a Next-gen Public Cloud Based on Leading Edge Autonomy, Performance, and Functionality

Dragon Slayer Consulting looks at what it takes to build a compelling cloud for enterprise applications and how Oracle Modern Data Platform is a core element that sets Oracle Cloud Infrastructure apart. Learn how you can take advantage of material advances in automation, performance, and scale to support more simultaneous users and transactions, achieve deeper insights with faster analytics, and make good use of advanced AI and ML capabilities built into and enabled by Oracle Autonomous Database.

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