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Oracle Cloud helps MESTEC lift factory performance

MESTEC’s cloud-based software relies on Oracle Autonomous Database to help makers of everything from cupcakes to submarine parts streamline their operations and raise employee productivity.

Autonomous Database Customer Successes

Learn how Oracle customers are using Oracle Autonomous Database to transform their businesses by redefining database management through machine learning and automation. By helping to eliminate human labor, human error, and manual tuning, businesses are reducing costs and complexity and engaging customers in new and better ways.

Build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Autonomous Cloud
Siemens Mobility logo

MineSense Accelerates Time to Value with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Consolidates project information from sources such as SAP, Primavera, and SharePoint in one click
  • Two-week implementation versus months, greater performance, and a 90% cost savings compared to on premises
  • Built-in APEX allows quick, low-code app dev and more data access with less maintenance and training
With one click, Oracle Autonomous Database automatically consolidates a great deal of information from multiple sources that was previously an extremely complex and paper-intensive process.
—Dr. Birthe Gebhardt, Data Expert, Siemens Mobility
Pagoda logo

Shenzhen Pagoda Delivers Better Fruit with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Uses machine learning to load and analyze big data from multiple membership, sales, and weather sources
  • Larger datasets improve supply chain and inventory strategies with less database administration
  • Predicts sales with 84% success rate, ensuring profits and freshness for better customer experience
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse gives us the information we need to predict product sales, helping stores make decisions with higher accuracy. This greatly reduces the logistics and inventory pressures of our supply chain—and improves the stores—profits.
—Shen Xin, CMO, Shenzhen Pagoda
MineSense logo

MineSense Accelerates Time to Value with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Ingests GBs of daily IoT sensor data at 2X faster performance and with flexible auto-scaling
  • 65% reduction in DBA workloads increases productivity on development and reporting
  • Built-in APEX speeds development to deployment of new low code apps from 6 weeks to 1 week
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is the only data management platform out there, that, with APEX, has built-in application development and deployment capabilities, which makes it an all-inclusive, full-stack platform.
—Frank Hoogendoorn, Chief Data Officer, MineSense Technologies Ltd.
TaylorMade logo

TaylorMade Innovates with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Moved 1 TB database out of on-premise ERP, reducing costs by 40%
  • 40x performance improvement in reporting workloads and setup in days
  • Self-tuning and self-patching frees IT staff to focus on higher value analysis
With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we now have a scalable, low-cost cloud platform to power our business. This will help sustain growth and free up valuable employee time so they can focus on more mission-critical initiatives.
—Tom Collard, Vice President, TaylorMade Golf Company
Sejong Hospital logo

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Helps Sejong Hospital Fight Heart Disease

  • AI speeds access to more in-depth quality-of–care clinical data and secure patient data
  • Reduced data collection from 20 days to a few days and life-saving decisions from hours to minutes
  • Analytics empower staff to make swifter, more informed care choices for its patients
We built our foundation on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for easy access to data, but also for safety and security of the data. And we use Oracle Analytics Cloud to help our staff make informed decisions in a very swift manner.
—Park Jinsik, Chairman, Sejong Hospital Group

MESTEC Innovates Manufacturing with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • 50% productivity increases with factory automation
  • 600% performance increase with Azure interconnect
  • Half the CPUs, labor, and hardware costs
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is the foundation of our solution.
—Mark Carleton, Director, MESTEC
JASCI logo

JASCI Innovates Logistics with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • 100x faster order processing
  • Process 2x orders with half the labor in the same time
  • Greater scalability to onboard any size customer
Today’s greatest challenge is meeting customer demands for order fulfillment. Speed is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. With Oracle Autonomous Database, we are creating a new status quo for our industry so our customers can deliver their goods faster and successfully compete in the age of next-day shipping.
—Craig Wilensky, CEO, JASCI
Kingold logo

Kingold Innovates Real Estate with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Reduce data warehouse project timelines from 3-6 months to weeks
  • Cut complex reporting from 12 minutes to 41 seconds
  • Empowered with new data strategy
With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we’ve now moved way beyond our business user’s expectations and their accustomed business cycles to focus on more innovation.
—Steven Chang, CIO, Kingold
SKY Brasil logo

SKY Brasil Accelerates Time to Market with Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 90% reduction in time to market
  • 60% cost savings
  • 90% of IT staff now focused on innovation
In addition to the high performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the adoption of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has streamlined processes and enabled us to reach our customers with the right offering at the right time.
—André Nazare, IT Director of SKY Brasil
AoA logo

AoA Innovates Healthcare with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Single click versus hours to pull reports
  • Avoided five to six analyst hires
  • Zero time to maintain database
Now with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics, I only spend a couple of hours to preparing for board meetings, before it took weeks.
—Honey Ranario, CFO, Arlington Orthopedics Associates

OUTFRONT Media Innovates Sales with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 1 TB third-party data in 30 min versus weeks
  • 25% productivity increase for more data modeling
  • Less expensive, more robust platform
With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we now have a high-performance, self-tuning data warehouse to quickly process complex revenue forecasting queries and a flexible cost model that we can scale on-demand without any administration.
—Derek Hayden, SVP of Data Strategy and Analytics, OUTFRONT Media
Vodafone Fiji logo

Vodafone Fiji Innovates with Oracle Autonomous Database

  • 6x faster than on-premises solution
  • 50TB of new data per month
  • DBAs now provide insights versus patching and tuning
The pleasing benefit of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics are their ease of use, as business executives can create custom dashboards without direct support from IT.
—Ronald Prasad, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone Fiji
Telecom Fiji logo

Telecom Fiji Innovates with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics

  • Reduced reporting time from two weeks to minutes
  • TBs of data with self-tuning and self-patching
  • Saved $100K in costs with flexibility to provision database easily and to scale on demand
Oracle surpassed my expectations because the amount of functionality and performance it was providing, with respect to the amount of investment, was marvelous.
—Shalvin Narayan, Head of IT, Telecom Fiji
CERN logo

CERN Develops Cloud Native Services on Oracle Transaction Processing

  • Developed cloud-native app for 75,000 users in 75 days
  • Scaled up database 10x and Kubernetes engine 3x in minutes
  • Zero database management with more flexibility
In tracking down the Big Bang, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing gives our collaborators a way to get valuable feedback by testing their solutions in one of the most complex and demanding technology environments.
—Eric Grancher, Leader of CERN’s Database Services Group
d.light logo

Data-Driven d.light Empowers Lives with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 75% reduction in DBA workload for higher value business analytics
  • Automates data loading from 12 hours to minutes
  • Auto-scaling, self-patching, self-tuning, and self-securing are game changers
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics have allowed us to consolidate data from different sources to get holistic view of the business and the customer for advanced insights to get to market faster.
—Jeremiah Ochieng, Director of Technology, d.light
Grupo DPSP logo

Grupo DPSP Accelerates Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • Accelerated time to market by 60% for a record three-week implementation
  • Increased scalability from 50 to 10,000 simultaneous users with zero maintenance
  • Self-encryption secures and protects patient records
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing brings acceleration and a significant level of maturity leap.
—Eliseu Rocha, Head of IT Enterprise Architecture, Grupo DPSP
11880 logo

11880 Enhances Intelligent Search with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 4x performance increase compared with AWS Redshift
  • Consolidated seven DBAs roles into one architect
  • Achieved a 12-month ROI
The IT team was surprised how easy it was to migrate our on-premise solutions to the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse cloud-based solution, where we are much faster than compared to the past.
—Christian Maar, CEO, 11880 Solutions AG
intive logo

intive Accelerates Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 10-70x performance increase compared on premise
  • 4x higher quality and 3x faster time to market compared to on premise
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivered same performance as other public clouds at 3x less cost
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is supporting our research and development really beautifully, because we can focus on our ideas of our innovation, and not tackle with IT maintenance, routine tasks.
—Marcin Niczyporuk, CTO, intive
Ripley logo

Ripley Reduces Retail Credit Risk with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Consolidated 10 different financial systems to 1
  • 25% lower costs and 2x improved performance compared to AWS Redshift
  • 40% faster time to market from less training for developers and business users
Autonomous innovation is a competitive advantage to attract talent for data science and analytics engineer. And that is great for Ripley.
—Andres Peralta, Data and Analytics Manager, Ripley
Forth Smart logo

Forth Smart Transforms Thai Finance with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 2x increase in marketing campaign conversion rates
  • Reduced query times from 3 hours to minutes on over 2M daily transactions
  • Zero database maintenance and administration
Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Advanced Analytics have allowed me to do my job better and we are more like a data-driven company.
—Pawarit Ruengsuksilp, Business Development Analyst, Forth Smart
Unior logo

Unior Innovates Manufacturing with Oracle Autonomous Database

  • Manage 85M data records with no DBAs
  • Real-time insights to make data-driven decisions
  • More strategic focus on sales and costs
The technology that Oracle provides is very suitable, because we don’t have to deal with the technical side too much. IT’s new role is more to do with business analytics and big data and data processes and advanced use of AI tools.
—Rok Planinšec, CIO, Unior
DX Marketing logo

DX Marketing Innovates with Oracle Autonomous Database

  • 70% faster load time with no tuning
  • 14x revenue growth
  • 52% lower customer acquisitions costs
By going to Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics, it’s allowed our technology team and our sales team to collaborate and create really interesting customer insights on targeted audiences. And we’re doing this much more quickly and for a lot less money than we would have done in the past.
—Ray Owens, CEO, DX Marketing
Woolcock logo

Woolcock Innovates Medical Research with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Analyze insomnia research data in hours versus weeks
  • ML for 100 million health data points per person
  • Provide individualized sleep treatment
The Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse system is very friendly, even people who have no idea about the programming. It’s easy to access, easy to upload data, no matter what kind of format, structured or unstructured data, visualize the data, and do machine learning.
—ChienHui (Tancy) Kao, Data Scientist, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
Drop Tank logo

Drop Tank Fuels Growth with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Real-time insights to store sales
  • 500x scalability in seconds for agile campaigns
  • Expand form 3,500 to 10,000 gas stations
By choosing Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we can automatically set load marks and scale, making it easy to support new campaigns without having to worry about time-consuming exercises like indexing, patching, and tuning.
—Timothy Miller, VP of Technology, Drop Tank
Agea Clarin logo

Agea Clarin Accelerates Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 50% cost reduction and more reliable than Teradata
  • Reduced time to campaign time to market from four days to hours
  • $2M revenues gain in 18 months
We are business users, not IT administrators, and need tools that are very easy to use. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Marketing Cloud are accelerating our digital transformation from content-centric to customer-centric.
—Pablo Guidici, Manager Big Data and Analytics, Agea Clarín