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Oracle Database 23ai Free offers the ability to experience Oracle Database, which businesses throughout the world rely on for their mission-critical workloads. The resource limits for Oracle Database Free are up to 2 CPUs for foreground processes, 2 GB of RAM and 12 GB of user data on disk. It is packaged for ease of use and simple download.

Oracle Database 23ai: AI for Data, AI for Devs, AI Where you Need it (2:33)
Announcing Oracle Database 23ai: Bring AI to your data

Larry Ellison and Juan Loaiza discuss the GenAI strategy behind Oracle Database 23ai.

Whether you are a developer, a data scientist, a DBA, an educator, or just interested in databases, Oracle Database 23ai Free is the ideal way to get started. It provides native support for all modern data types, AI Vector Search, broad LLM support, analytics, and the latest development paradigms—all built into one product offered as a free trial. See Oracle free use terms and conditions.

Get access to Oracle Database technology for free

  • Oracle Database 23ai

    Begin your journey with Oracle Database 23ai, whether you are a developer, a data scientist, a DBA, an educator, or just interested in databases. Experience native support for all modern data types, AI Vector Search, analytics, and the latest development paradigms—all built into one product.

  • Oracle Autonomous Database

    Experience the latest features of Oracle Database 23ai with Always Free Autonomous Database and Autonomous Database Free container image. Test drive new features and develop new applications while taking advantage of additional Always Free OCI services such as OCI Object Storage, OCI Block Volume, and more.

  • Other Oracle Database Software Downloads

    Dive into the comprehensive suite of Oracle Database features at no cost. Develop, test and prototype with ease. Gain access to a wide array of Oracle Database downloads, including previous versions, to support your exploration and experimentation.

"We are happy to see AI Vector Search added to Oracle Database. We appreciate that we can run AI Vector Search in the same Oracle Database as our other workloads, which allows us to provide a reliable and secure solution."

Shinichiro Otsuka NRI Certified IT Architect, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

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"With Generative AI innovations in Oracle Database 23ai, and specifically with AI Vector Search, Oracle has given customers a great leap forward, providing an all-in-one solution."

Carl Olofson

Research Vice President-Data Management Software, IDC
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"Oracle Database 23ai contains a raft of AI innovations, starting with the general availability of AI Vector Search. Now, the world’s largest enterprises don’t have to move their data to reap the benefits of AI. They can eliminate the complexity and risk of moving their data to a new database and bring full AI capabilities to their data with an upgrade to Oracle Database 23ai."

Holger Mueller

Vice President & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
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"Furthering Oracle’s converged database approach, this addition of AI Vector Search delivers real-world benefits such as the avoidance of data silos and management costs typically associated with managing multiple databases—a clear advantage over specialized, stand-alone vector database options."

Bradley Shimmin

Chief Analyst, AI & Data Analytics, Omdia
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"By upgrading their existing Oracle Database to 23ai, CIOs gain the ability to have an enterprise-grade GenAI solution without having to spend cycles learning how to operate a separate vector database; moving data to that separate vector database, and then trying to maintain data consistency between multiple data stores."

Ron Westfall

Senior Analyst and Research Director, FUTURUM

What’s included in Oracle Database 23ai Free?

The complete developer functionality of Oracle’s converged database, plus the following:

AI Vector Search

Develop apps with AI Vector Search, leverage vector data types, indexes, and SQL operators in Oracle Database to store and query semantic content from diverse unstructured data, while supporting Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for generating responses to natural language queries.

JSON Relational Duality

Build apps in either relational or JSON paradigms with a single source of truth and benefit from the strengths of both—relational and document models. Data is stored once but can be accessed, written, and modified with either approach.

JavaScript stored procedures

Create high performance, data-driven apps by writing JavaScript stored procedures (powered by GraalVM) and importing existing JavaScript libraries into the database. Minimize round trips to the database by executing business logic directly in the data tier.

JSON Schemas

Use industry-standard JSON Schemas to ensure only valid data is inserted into a JSON column.

Property Graphs

Find and analyze relationships, predict trends, and discover lightning-fast insights using database-native property graphs views. Use new SQL-standard property graph queries to run graph analytics on top of relational and JSON data.

Data use case domains

Bring domain knowledge closer to the data by describing the intended use of data centrally and ensuring data is handled consistently across applications.

Schema annotations

Annotate common data model attributes for tables, columns, views, indexes, and more, providing a central, lightweight, declarative facility to register and exchange usage properties across apps.


  • Up to 12 GB of user data
  • Up to 2 GB of database RAM
  • Up to 2 CPU threads

Why use Oracle Database Free?

Looking for the right database for your next development project? Learn more about Oracle Database using Oracle Database Free.

      • Looking for the right database for your next development project? Oracle Database Free gives you access to the newest features that simplify development.
      • Connect Oracle Database to your favorite programming languages and dev environments, including Java, .NET, Python, Node.js, Go, PHP, C/C++, and more.
      • Learn SQL on the world's leading relational database or experiment with Oracle's native support for JSON documents and spatial and graph data.
      • Use free dev tools and IDEs from Oracle, including SQL Developer, SQLcl, and SQL Developer Data Modeler.
      • Install free Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) to REST-enable your database. For low-code app development, run Oracle APEX on top of ORDS and Oracle Database at no extra cost to rapidly build data-centric web apps that look beautiful in mobile and desktop browsers.
      • Test-drive advancements in Oracle Database that make life easier for DBAs and other administrators using Oracle Database Free. With Oracle Database Free, any administrator can benefit from experimenting with many of the advanced features of Oracle Database.
      • Manage multiple Oracle Databases in one place with Oracle Multitenant pluggable databases.
      • Accelerate database queries using table partitions.
      • Get more from database storage with data compression.
      • Back up your whole database using Oracle Recovery Manager.
      • For security and compliance, encrypt data at rest with transparent data encryption, set database audit policies to track data access, and configure Oracle Database Vault to prevent unauthorized access by privileged users.
      • Oracle Database provides data scientists with sheer analytic power, and Oracle Database Free has it all. Here’s some of the functionality it offers.
      • Dramatically accelerate queries on large data sets using Oracle In-Memory column store.
      • Reduce complex analysis to concise SQL statements with advanced analytics, including SQL Server Data Mining.
      • Build your analysis graphically in Oracle’s free data miner UI.
      • Quickly load data into your database using Data Pump, SQL*Loader, external tables, or SQL Developer.
      • If you prefer R programming, Oracle Database supports that too.
      • Teachers and students can freely use Oracle Database Free for database curriculum and instruction. Students can install it on a laptop to work wherever, whenever they like—instead of than being tethered to a computer lab.
      • Suite of courseware available from Oracle Academy.
      • No licensing costs.
      • Easy to install.
      • A full-featured database.
      • In need of a database with all the newest features and a small footprint? Look no further than Oracle Database 23ai Free.
      • Embed in your software.
      • Distribute with your software.
      • Install on customer premises for proof of concept.
      • Deliver comprehensive prototypes to your prospects.
      • Oracle Database Free is well suited to users large and small. For example:
      • Startups working on a limited budget who need to begin development immediately.
      • Nonprofits and other organizations who want an Oracle Database, but don’t need a fully supported edition.
      • Software developers needing to demonstrate their apps to customers.
      • Anyone who wants a private sandbox for database evaluation, testing, and proof-of-concept projects.
May 2, 2024

Try Oracle Database 23ai for Free

George Lumpkin, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

With the new 23ai release of Autonomous Database Free Container Image and Autonomous Database Free Tier, developers can choose the free development approach best suited for their needs. Develop locally using the container image or develop in the cloud on OCI. Discover how you can access the free development options and start innovating with Oracle Database 23ai features such as AI Vector Search and JSON Relational Duality in combination with Autonomous Database’s rich set of tools and features including Data Studio and Select AI.

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