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Oracle's Autonomous Database: AI-Based Automation for Database Management and Operations

A detailed report that looks at the benefits customers realize with Oracle Autonomous Database, and the factors technology buyers should consider when evaluating this product. Read a copy of the report.

Learn more about the benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database

Self-driving: Automate database provisioning, tuning, and scaling

Provisions highly available databases, configures and tunes for specific workloads, and scales compute resources when needed, all done automatically. Learn more (PDF).

Self-securing: Automate data protection and security

Protect sensitive and regulated data automatically, patch your database for security vulnerabilities, and prevent unauthorized access—all with Oracle Autonomous Database. Learn more (PDF).

Self-repairing: Automate failure detection, failover, and repair

Detect and protect from system failures and user errors automatically and provide failover to standby databases with zero data loss. Learn more (PDF).

Choice of deployment options

Oracle Autonomous Database services offer multiple deployment options for lowest cost, operational control, and isolation. Choose from shared infrastructure, dedicated infrastructure, or bring the cloud to your data center with Oracle’s Cloud@Customer infrastructure. Learn more.