Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS)—Private Cloud

Empowered Users. Simplified IT.

Provision standardized database environments rapidly on shared infrastructure with intelligent resource management across multiple tenants.

  • Oracle Innovation Happens (2:14)

  • Customers Discuss Dramatic Cost Savings and Agility (1:25)

  • SAS Institute: More Competitive with Oracle Database 12c (1:06)

  • e-DBA Achieves DBaaS with Oracle Multitenant (2:35)

Business people evaluating Database as a Service – Private Cloud Database

Deliver Database Service

Unleash faster and simpler database service delivery.

  • Higher utilization of shared database infrastructure
  • Simplified and centralized database management
  • Guaranteed quality of service with standardized database offerings
  • Accelerated time-to-market through automated provisioning
  • Greater show-back and charge-back transparency through fine-grained database usage metering
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Workbooks to evaluate Database as a Service–Private Cloud Database

This workbook series will help you transform your IT environment with a database cloud and deliver DBaaS to your organization.

Brief: Unleash Faster and Simpler Database Service Delivery in the Cloud

Learn how Oracle’s Private Cloud Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution provides a fast path to the cloud.

Database Dbaas - Whitepaper: Oracle DB 12c Helps accelerate

See how Oracle Database 12c helps accelerate the journey to enterprise database cloud.

Database Dbaas - White paper: Rapid Home Provisioning with Oracle Database 12c

Learn how Oracle Database 12c enables Rapid Home Provisioning.

Database Dbaas - Whitepaper: How to define standardize database services

Find out how to define standardized database services using service catalogs.

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