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Oracle Application Express

Web Services Integration

Application Development today often involves integrating services from other companies, vendors, and other third parties. Application Express easily integrates with these services through either built-in Web service support or through lower level PL/SQL UTL_HTTP package calls. Below are white papers and sample applications all about using these integration techniques in Application Express.

Oracle Application Express 4.0 offers a number of improved and new Web services features including support for RESTful style Web services both from the consumer and provider perspective. The Application Express 4.0 Web Services Evaluation Guide explains these new Web service features together with step by step instructions.

Below is a list of services that we have examples for:

Please note, these application can only be imported into Oracle Application Express 3.0 or higher and cannot be run on because it does not support external network call-outs.  You can import and install the application but data will not display if you run it.

Amazon S3

This white paper and corresponding sample application showcases Oracle Application Express 4.0 support of consuming RESTful style web services using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Amazon S3 provides highly available and highly scalable Internet storage. The paper describes step by step how to build an Amazon S3 client with Oracle Application Express 4.0.

Oracle BI Publisher

This demonstration application shows how Application Express can be used to call BiPublisher's PublicReportService Web service using PL/SQL.

You login to the application using a BiPublisher user, browse folders and reports that the user has access to, and you can click on the reports and download directly from this application.

Amazon Store

The Amazon Store is a demonstration application based on's E-Commerce service. You can search for items from Amazon's entire catalog and sort by various means and paginate through the results.

This application utilizes the Manual Web Reference feature in Application Express 3.0. You can view these Web references by going to Shared Components > Web Service References.

Google Maps

Application Express can be easily integrated with the Google Maps API. The Google Maps API allows you to create online mapping applications and incorporate geo-coding into them. It is the application that would result from the whitepaper Integrating Application Express with Google Maps.

Integrating with PayPal Payments Pro

This Application demonstrates how to integrate with PayPal's Website Payments Pro offering. It is the application that would result from the whitepaperIntegrating Application Express with PayPal Payments Pro.

Integrating an RSS Feed

This demonstration application shows how Application Express can be used to consume RSS feeds.

Including an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed in your Application Express application is a simple two step process. First, you retrieve the RSS document from the feed and and store it in a collection, and then you write a report against the collection.

YouTube Integration

This Application demonstrates XML-RPC style Web Services, specifically integrating YouTube services. It is an expanded version of the application resulting from the whitepaper Using Oracle Application Express to Interact with XML-RPC Style Web Services.

Installation Instructions

  • Ensure the 'Minimum Release' is the same or less than your Oracle APEX version (i.e. 2.2 code will install in 3.0 but not vice versa).
  • Download the zip file associated with the desired application.
  • Unzip and extract all files.
  • Read the readme file. If it is not the initial release of an application the changes will be described along with upgrade instructions.
  • Access your target Workspace.
  • Select the Application Builder.
  • Click [Import >].
  • Browse and locate the installer file, e.g. YouTube_Integration_installer.sql.
  • When prompted, select to install supporting objects.

Terms of Use

Please review the OTN Terms of Use regarding downloading Third Party Content from Oracle Corporation before you download and/or install any application from this page.

The materials provided here are for sample use and are provided "as-is"; Oracle disclaims all express and implied warranties, including, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Oracle shall not be liable for any damages, including, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or data use, incurred by you or any third party in connection with the use of these materials.

These applications are not part of Oracle Application Express software and are therefore not supported by Oracle Support. Any issues with these can be discussed on the Application Express Forum.