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Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine

Version 4.9

Please note: This appliance is for evaluation and educational purposes only; it is unsupported and not to be used in production. It includes software products that are optional on the Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA), including Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph and Oracle Big Data Connectors.


Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform. Many Oracle Big Data platform components have been installed and configured - allowing you to begin using the system right away. The following components are included on Oracle Big Data Lite:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.9
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Enterprise Edition ( - including Oracle Big Data SQL-enabled external tables, Oracle Multitenant, Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle OLAP, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Spatial and Graph, and more.
  • Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH5.11.1)
  • Cloudera Manager (5.11.1)
  • Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph 2.3
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors 4.9
    1. Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS 3.8.0
    2. Oracle Loader for Hadoop 3.9.0
    3. Oracle Data Integrator 12c (
    4. Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop 2.7
    5. Oracle XQuery for Hadoop 4.9.0
    6. Oracle Data Source for Hadoop 1.2.1
    7. Oracle Shell for Hadoop Loaders 1.3.0
  • Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition 12cR1 (4.4.6)
  • Oracle JDeveloper 12c (
  • Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler with Oracle REST Data Services 3.0.7
  • Oracle Data Integrator 12cR1 (
  • Oracle GoldenGate 12c (
  • Oracle R Distribution 3.2.0
  • Oracle Perfect Balance 2.10.0

Download Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine


BigDataLite49.7z.001 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.002 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.003 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.004 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.005 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.006 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.007 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.008 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.009 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.010 (2147483648 bytes)
BigDataLite49.7z.011 (1912011451 bytes)


Release Notes

Deployment Guide

Start Here!

Deployment Guide provides step-by-step instructions for download and deployment.

Technical Requirements:

  • Dedicate 2 cores, 5 GB memory and 50 GB disk space to the virtual machine
  • Install will require ~71GB disk space including temporary files
md5sum.txt (855 bytes)

To get started:

  • Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox plus its Extension Pack and 7-zip
  • Download each of the 7-zip files
  • Run the 7-zip extractor on the BigDataLite49.7z.001 file only. This will create the BigDataLite49.ova VirtualBox appliance file
  • In VirtualBox, import BigDataLite49.ova
  • Start BigDataLite-4.9
  • Log in as oracle/welcome1

See the Deployment Guide for details.

Cloudera JDBC Drivers Download and install the Cloudera JDBC drivers to enable Oracle SQL Developer and Data Modeler to connect to Hive.  Check out this blog post for details on how it works.

Previous Version:

Getting Started

You can load your own data into the VM or use the Oracle MoviePlex demo data that's provided. Oracle has created videos, sample code and hands-on labs based on Oracle MoviePlex that will help you learn how to develop big data applications using Oracle's big data platform. All of the collateral used to develop this application is included in the VM.

Oracle MoviePlex

Oracle MoviePlex is a fictitious on-line movie streaming company. Customers log into Oracle MoviePlex where they are presented with a targeted list of movies based on their past viewing behavior. Because of this personalized experience and reliable and fast performance, customers spend a lot of money with the company and it has become extremely profitable :).

Hands-on Labs

There are several hands-on-labs available to help you get started with the platform:

Training Collateral Description
Oracle Big Data Learning Library Numerous hands on labs and videos for capabilities that span the Oracle Big Data platform.
Oracle Big Data Administration Series The tutorials in this series teach you how to perform administration tasks for the Oracle Big Data Appliance.  They also cover:
  • An overview of the Hadoop Ecosystem and its components
  • Setting up and securing Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA)
  • Administering the BDA
  • Using the Oracle Big Data Connectors
Analyze All Your Data with Oracle Big Data SQL Learn how to securely analyze all your data - across both Hadoop and Oracle Database 12c - using Oracle Big Data SQL
Getting Started with Oracle Big Data Discovery Product enablement materials for Oracle Big Data Discovery.
Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph: Spatial Vector Analysis This tutorial covers the use of Oracle Big Data Statial and Graph to perform analysis using Spatial Vector functionality. You will learn how to:
  • Use the vector console to run spatial analysis and visualize spatial results
  • Use the vector command line to perform spatial analysis
  • Use the command line analysis to visualize spatial results
Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph: Spatial Raster Analysis This tutorial covers the use of Oracle Big Data Statial and Graph to perform analysis using Spatial Raster functionality. You will learn how to:
  • Use the Raster Console - ImageServer to run spatial analysis and visualize spatial results
  • Use the command line to perform spatial raster analysis
Oracle NoSQL Database - Installation/cluster topology deployment (pdf | scripts) Learn how simple and intuitive it is to deploy a highly available (production ready) Oracle NoSQL Database cluster.
Access Data in Oracle NoSQL Database from Oracle Database (pdf) Access data in Oracle NoSQL Database from Oracle Database 12c using external tables.
Data Manipulation with Hive and Pig (pdf) Quick introduction to HDFS, Pig and Hive.
Tame Big Data with Oracle Data Integration Learn about how to design Hadoop data integration using Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate.
Integrate Hadoop Data with Oracle Database using Oracle Big Data Connectors (pdf) Use Oracle Loader for Hadoop to efficiently load data into the Oracle Database using MapReduce jobs. Access data in HDFS directly from the Oracle Database using Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop.
Using SQL Pattern Matching This series features both OBEs and recorded webcasts. Learn how to use SQL for Pattern Matching. Row pattern matching in native SQL improves application and development productivity and query efficiency for row-sequence analysis.
Oracle Data Mining 12c Tutorial Series Oracle Data Mining is a key component to Oracle Advanced Analytics, providing powerful data mining algorithms inside Oracle Database 12c.  The OBE's in this series provide you with instructions on how to perform data mining with Oracle Database 12c, by using Oracle Data Miner 4.1. Oracle Data Miner 4.1 is included as an extension of Oracle SQL Developer, version 4.1.
Oracle R Enterprise v 1.4 - Tutorial Series

Oracle R Enterprise (ORE), a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, makes the open source R statistical programming language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data.

This series teaches you how to use Oracle R Enterprise, version 1.4.

Web Sites / White Papers / EBook / Blogs

Listed below are some resources to help you learn more about the Oracle big data platform: