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Oracle Machine Learning

Oracle Machine Learning

The Oracle Machine Learning product family enables scalable data science projects. Data scientists, analysts, developers, and IT can achieve data science project goals faster while taking full advantage of the Oracle platform.

Oracle Machine Learning consists of complementary components supporting scalable machine learning algorithms for in-database and big data environments, notebook technology, SQL and R APIs, and Hadoop/Spark environments.

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Machine Learning

With Oracle Machine Learning, Oracle moves the algorithms to the data, processing data where it resides—minimizing or eliminating data movement, achieving scalability, preserving security, and accelerating time-to-model deployment. Oracle delivers parallelized in-database implementations of machine learning algorithms and integration with open source R.


Key Benefits


In-Database Processing: “Move the algorithms, not the data!”—Process data where it resides to eliminate data movement and further leverage your Oracle environment as a high performance compute engine with parallel, distributed algorithms.

Machine Learning for Everyone—Support all the key players required for machine learning driven solutions: data scientists, analysts, developers, and IT professionals. Data scientists can leverage open source packages to extend packaged functionality.

Machine Learning for Spark—With Big Data SQL and Oracle Machine Learning for Spark, process data in data lakes using Spark and Hadoop.

Rapidly Deploy Machine Learning Applications—Because in-database machine learning models are native SQL functions, model deployment is immediate via SQL and R scripts.


User Roles

Oracle Machine Learning Role - Data Scientist

Data Scientists

Use popular data science languages (e.g., R, SQL), notebooks, and “drag and drop” user interface to develop, test, and refine machine learning models and data science solutions. Enhance productivity through automation of routine tasks. Work with your Oracle DBA and gain direct access to your company’s secure data to integrate and analyze data across the enterprise. 

Oracle Machine Learning Role - Data Analyst

Business and Data Analysts

Expand your analytical skills and leverage Oracle’s machine learning algorithms to extract more information, create predictions, and discover new insights. Use Oracle Machine Learning’s drag-and-drop UI to easily assemble analyses and then quickly share you results in dashboards. Partner with IT—DBAs and database and application developers—to automate analysis and insights on premises and in the cloud. Work with data scientists to go deeper into your analysis.

Oracle Machine Learning Role - DBA and IT Profressional

DBAs and IT Professionals

Apply your valuable IT skills to generate even more value from your company’s Oracle environment. Maintain security and deliver scalability—all in the industry leading data management solutions for analytics, Oracle Database. Now, you can both manage and analyze data all in the same data management platform. Combined with Oracle’s Big Data offerings including Oracle Big Data SQL, users can gain access to all the data for data science problems.

Oracle Machine Learning Role - Application and Dashboard Developers

Application Developers

More easily build applications that embed machine learning model insights and predictions. Collaborate with the key players—data scientists, business and data analysts and executives—to extract more information, new insights, and make predictions while automating and disseminating results throughout the enterprise. With Oracle Machine Learning, you can develop and deploy predictive applications and solutions.

OML Role - Executive


Make better data-driven decisions. Accelerate the productivity of your analytics teams and deploy machine learning solutions faster. Democratize machine learning so your company can better compete and realize significant savings and higher profitability.


Discover More

Oracle Machine Learning for SQL

Oracle Machine Learning for SQL

Oracle Machine Learning for SQL is supported by Oracle Advanced Analytics and provides data scientists, application developers, DBA and IT professionals powerful in-database parallel machine learning algorithms.

Oracle Machine Learning for R

Oracle Machine Learning for R

Oracle Machine Learning for R is supported by Oracle R Enterprise, and it makes the open source R statistical programming language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data.

Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks

Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks

Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks is a collaborative user interface for data scientists and business/data analysts who perform machine learning in Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Machine Learning for Spark

Oracle Machine Learning for Spark

Oracle Machine Learning for Spark is supported by Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop and provides massively scalable machine learning algorithms via an R API for Spark and Hadoop.

Oracle Machine Learning for Python

Oracle Machine Learning for Python—coming soon

Oracle Machine Learning for Python makes the open source Python scripting language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data.

Oracle Machine Learning Microservices

Oracle Machine Learning Microservices—coming soon

Oracle Machine Learning Microservices, available through Oracle Autonomous Database, supports model management, cognitive image, and cognitive text microservices available through REST APIs—providing powerful machine learning capabilities to application developers.

Oracle Data Miner

Oracle Data Miner

Oracle Data Miner is an extension to Oracle SQL Developer that enables data scientists analysts to view data, rapidly build machine learning models, compare and evaluate multiple models, apply them to new data, and accelerate model deployment.


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