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Oracle NoSQL Database Benchmarking

Oracle NoSQL Database engineering team has invested a huge amount of effort to make sure that the product performs and scales right out of the box.  Like most NoSQL database products, there is a lot of JVM-specific garbage collection optimizations and tuning parameters that are required to ensure the best possible performance from the database. Oracle's investment in researching, identifying, and ensuring the proper JVM settings keeps the guesswork out of the performance equation and provides consistent throughput with predictable latency.

The best way to measure the performance of any product is by running standardized benchmark tests on it with different cluster sizes and workloads. The Oracle NoSQL DB team has worked closely with several key Oracle partners, including Intel and Cisco, has done a lot of benchmark testing using Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmarks (YCSB) on various hardware configurations, and published its results through blogs or white papers. See below for a list of Oracle NoSQL Database benchmarking resources: