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Scripting Languages and Oracle Cloud

Scripting Languages and Oracle Cloud

Using Application Container Cloud Service and Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service

Scripting Languages and Oracle Cloud

These instructions show how to connect an Oracle Application Container Cloud application to Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service Service.

1. Enable Oracle Network Connectivity and Download the Client Wallet

The Exadata Express service network connectivity must be enabled and the client wallet must be bundled with the application archive deployed to ACCS.

  • In your web browser, navigate to the Exadata Express service console.
  • If Client Access is not currently enabled, click Enable Client Access on the console.
  • Click Download Client Credentials on the console to download containing your security credentials and network configuration files that will allow client access to your cloud database. Save this zip file to a secure location.
  • Unzip the client credentials. Secure the files so that only users who are authorized to connect to the Exadata Express service have access to them. By default, Oracle recommends granting permissions only to the owner of the files.
  • Edit the unzipped sqlnet.ora file and change the wallet location:

     (METHOD_DATA = (DIRECTORY=?/network/admin)))

2. Use the Credentials and Connection String

Update the application code to reference the connect string given in the tnsnames.ora file, which is dbaccess by default. The application username and password must match a schema previously created in the database service.

3. Deploy the wallet with the application

The cwallet.sso, sqlnet.ora, and tnsnames.ora files from the DB service must be bundled in the application archive. Refer to the ACCS documentation. With the updated sqlnet.ora above, put the files in the application root directory. For example, a Node.js application package.json could contain:

 "scripts": { 
 "prepublish": "zip -r manifest.json *.js cwallet.sso sqlnet.ora tnsnames.ora" 
 . . . 

When the application archive is uploaded and deployed, the wallet allows access to Exadata Express.

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