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Oracle Spatial and Graph

Spatial Features & Graph Features

Check out Oracle Spatial and Graph at Oracle Openworld 2017.

Oracle OpenWorld Sessions

—What would a map with all 30+ million streets of the US look like? What would displaying all 600 million taxi pickup and drop-off locations in New York City on a single map tell us about the most-popular destinations? In this session, you will learn how to lift and shift vast amounts of raw data (such as street segment data or tweets) from Oracle Storage Cloud Service to Oracle Database Cloud Service and how to set up Java microservices on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to query and render the geospatial data onto a single, shared digital map—through a coordinated divide-and-conquer approach.
Big Data on Big Maps - YouTube Video (25 minutes)
Speaker: Roberto Mercado Mariscal, Oracle [CON5042] (PDF .97MB)
—Millions of dollars are spent every year on big data analysis of tweets, trends, Facebook commentary, and social media sentiment. Detecting money laundering, fraud, and other financial crimes becomes more difficult as the structure of shell corporations and the flow of transactions follow labyrinthine structures. Identifying suspicious activities, false information, and fraudulent patterns is increasingly important in today’s information economy. In this session see how graph analysis, and database and visualization tools expose fabricated trends, troll and bot-created content, and fraudulent financial transactions. Learn about the powerful graph capabilities in Oracle Spatial and Graph, Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph, and Oracle’s cloud services.
Speakers: Hassan Chafi and James Steiner, Oracle [CON6683] (PDF 13.32MB)
—Graph technologies are exploding with new offerings such as Neo4J, Titan, CosmosDB Graph, and Oracle Spatial and Graph, which provide a new way to model, analyze, and connect data. In this session learn how graph technologies are used to drive analysis in social network, IoT, and linked data applications, and how they explore the relationships to perform sentiment analysis, identify influencers, discover communities, and detect anomalies. Learn about graph technologies in Oracle Cloud services, Oracle Database, NoSQL, Spark, and Hadoop solutions including parallel graph analytics and property graph query language.
Speakers: Alan Wu and Xavier Lopez, Oracle; Masahiro Yoshioka, Mazda Motor Corporation [CON6683] (PDF 3.30MB)
—Our connected world with location-infused technology generates vital data at an enormous rate. Location is one way of organizing this data into information and insight. This session uses real-world use cases to explore how to use spatial analytics and location intelligence to add insight and value critical to today's enterprises. See how a smart city alleviates parking problems, how risk assessment and prediction enhance insurance portfolio performance, and how a property or facility manager (such as an airport) simplifies and optimizes asset or resource utilization with spatial processing and analytics. Learn about the capabilities in Oracle Spatial and Graph, Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph, and Oracle’s Cloud services.
Speakers: Jayant Sharma and Hans Viehmann, Oracle; Olivier Dubois, Oscars S.A. [CON6692] (PDF 3.71MB)