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Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Oracle Cloud

How Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure accelerates business innovation and allows you to migrate seamlessly.

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A second-generation cloud

1. A second-generation cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure addresses key issues associated with first-generation clouds. Built for innovation, Oracle’s next-gen architecture allows you to move enterprise workloads to the cloud seamlessly delivering faster and more predictable performance, better pricing and security.

2. Support for long-term plans

Representing a fundamentally new public-cloud architecture, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed for the predictable performance, core-to-edge security, and governance your mission-critical, performance-intensive workloads need. You can plan ahead assured of robust business outcomes.

Performance optimization

3. Performance optimization

Oracle’s IaaS offering delivers unmatched, diverse capabilities—from its second-generation platform and bare metal services to remote direct memory access for computing clusters. This enables guaranteed predictable performance and customer isolation, and opens to door to autonomous workloads.

4. Defense in depth

Built for core-to-edge protection, next-gen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and automated threat remediation. Compute and network resources are isolated, and your code, data, and resources are separated from management machines.

Oracle workload optimization

5. Oracle workload optimization

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers unique features and tools that support migrating and running Oracle’s databases and business applications efficiently. Minimal changes are required to move, reducing the cost and length of cloud migration.

6. App development support

Oracle offers an open standards-based and fully integrated App Dev platform for cost effectively building, deploying and managing modern, API and mobile-first cloud applications. In addition, Oracle offers support for container and cloud-native low-code developments.

Leading price/performance

7. Leading price/performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers market leading price/performance. Workloads deployed require fewer compute servers and block-storage volumes lowering the cost to deliver optimized performance. Oracle compute servers also help achieve 25–65% cost savings compared to competitor VMs.

8. Oracle outperforms AWS

The best choice for Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers optimal performance at the lowest cost available, 66% lower than AWS2,3. Oracle also provides multivendor flexibility while Amazon Aurora locks you in.

Support for SMB growth

9. Support for SMB growth

For SMBs who will grow larger, experience application adoption rate spikes and often the same challenges as larger enterprises, Oracle Cloud supports planned growth through traditional and modern tools for developers and mission-critical workloads.

10. A connected cloud

You can now migrate to the cloud leveraging Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure with seamless interoperability. The partnership includes cross-cloud interconnect, integrated cloud services, a collaborative support model and flexibility for application deployment. Learn more

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