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Re-Imagine What’s Possible

Discover a new era of cloud computing

  • Oracle President, of Product Development, Thomas Kurian takes a look at the transformative power of Oracle Cloud. Supporting all workloads, all developers, and all data types, and full deployment choices, Oracle Cloud re-imagines the possibilities of cloud computing. Oracle connects all applications and business practices and goes beyond just migration to help customers architect, run, manage, and support their environments. Watch the video (1:08:30)
Thomas Kurian
  • For most of our customers, the clear focus is on integration. New cloud services must function seamlessly with existing environments, while cloud applications need to interoperate with on-premises applications. Everything Oracle has built to this point aims to fulfill this vital prerogative. Our customers can apply our expertise—in the cloud and on premises—to their own unique journeys to the cloud. Watch the video (2:27)
Larry Ellison
  • “What makes cloud computing so revolutionary is that it can permeate everything your company does, from back-office processes to how it goes to market. It makes possible the digital transformation companies need to thrive in today’s market.”
    Mark Hurd, chief executive officer, Oracle Read the article
Mark Hurd
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Journey to Cloud Transformation

With less than 10 percent of workloads running in the cloud today, the journey to cloud transformation is in its very early stages for most companies. So when we think about the 90 percent of workloads that aren’t yet in the cloud, what’s required to make the journey?

A platform and a path. And Oracle had the foresight to build both.

While other vendors provide a single stepping stone in the path to cloud, Oracle built the entire bridge-- not for our own short-term gain, but to support our customers’ long-term transition to cloud. We understand customers’ needs because we’ve been on this journey with them. We’re also going through this transformation ourselves.

Our dedication to that platform and path lies at the heart of everything we do. Our deep expertise through the entire cloud stack allows us to connect the layers in unprecedented ways, resulting in a complete, integrated, cloud platform that gives companies the unparalleled ability to use the cloud for genuine business transformation.

And it’s not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter cloud. We’ve built a way for companies to finally see a path to the cloud that works specifically for them. It’s a personalized cloud path that suits individual needs and supports all stages of the cloud journey.

While each cloud layer offers best-in-class technology, the differentiation lies in the complete integration of all the pieces. There is tremendous power in that integration, because it gives our customers four very powerful words they can count on as they discover their own unique path to cloud:

  • Complete: Oracle is the only provider to fully integrate the entire cloud stack: PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. We also integrate with on-premises platform technologies such as databases, Java, and middleware, to create a seamless customer experience that drives operational efficiencies and delivers faster innovation.
  • Open: Our open, standards-based cloud gives customers the vital flexibility necessary to survive and thrive in a fast-changing world. Companies can build for the future using existing skill sets and talent across all environments and technology stacks. They can run both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, and connect non-Oracle applications with Oracle solutions.
  • Secure: Oracle builds integrated defensive layers throughout the stack, from the underlying silicon to the operating system, database, and applications. This includes our secure data centers, the security professionals that manage and run security in our cloud, our security tools, and the comprehensive and integrated security defensive layers in and between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.
  • Choice: We engineer our products and services to cleanly connect private cloud, public cloud, public cloud on premises (Oracle Cloud Machine), and hybrid cloud to enable seamless flexibility, ease, agility, compatibility, and extensibility.

Explore the resources on this page to learn how to transform your business with Oracle Cloud.

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In PROFIT Magazine’s special issue, Oracle executives share their thoughts on how companies are achieving market flexibility and cuttings costs with cloud.

Business Transformation with Cloud

Harvard Business Review - How to Prepare for the Cloud

The CIO’s Guide to Cloud Computing, produced in partnership with Oracle, outlines practical steps to build and execute a cloud strategy.

Harvard Business Review - The CIOs Guide to Cloud Computing

Path to cloud

Oracle’s path to cloud greatly simplifies workload migration to the cloud without requiring any changes, and lets you develop in all languages, connect all types of data, and integrate across all applications. It’s a path that supports all stages of your cloud journey.

Oracle’s Path To Cloud

SaaS for Dummies

Oracle SaaS is the platform for enablement. It provides new levels of engagement, experience, efficiency, and empowerment. Only Oracle provides a fully integrated suite of best-in-class apps for modern business needs.

Software as a Service


Oracle PaaS is the platform for change. It transforms how you develop, extend, connect, secure, mobilize, share data, and get insights across applications. In addition to being the broadest offering across all major categories, we have the same capabilities in the cloud as on-premises environments.

Platform as a Service

IaaS story page

Oracle IaaS is the foundation for scalability. Our IaaS solutions provide best-in-class storage, networking, and the most complete Compute offerings (elastic, dedicated, virtualized, and non-virtualized) in the market. Oracle IaaS also features deployment choice and portability, allowing you to shift any workloads (including virtualized) without change.

Infrastructure as a Service

Engineered Systems

Oracle offers the broadest solutions across servers, engineered systems, and storage. For all of these products, we have either cloud-equivalent offerings or other cloud extension offerings that ensure customers are investment-protected and cloud-ready.

Oracle Systems Infrastructure

Global Drinks
Global Drinks Increases Sales with Oracle Sales Cloud

Global Drinks Partnership is a premium drink exporter/distributor. Continued growth required an efficient way to manage sales data, and the company turned to Oracle Sales Cloud’s mobile application for help.

PeerPay Helps Cash-Strapped Companies by Rapidly Developing Innovative Lending Model on Cloud Platform
With Oracle Database Cloud Service as our lending platform’s production environment, we can be sure that our data is safe thanks to an architecture with multiple security domains and privileges. This is critical to our success, as we can’t afford to lose a single piece of financial information.
-- Alan Burns, CTO, PeerPay
Flexagon Accelerates Software Innovation for Firm and Its Customers and Speeds Sales Cycle with Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service Solutions

Flexagon delivers DevOps and application release automation solutions that help organizations automate the software delivery lifecycle and improve the productivity and quality of software development.

Generalitat Valenciana Consolidates More than 50 Databases and Servers to Boost Performance by 50% and Improve Availability and Efficiency
By consolidating and unifying the databases that support our management applications into a new IT infrastructure, Oracle Exadata enables us to boost performance by 50% and reduce storage requirements by 10% while ensuring citizen data is secure and accessible.
-- Jose Cuevas Aparici, Deputy General Manager, Production And Consolidation of Corporate IT, Generalitat Valenciana
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