PC Arts Argentina transforms its post-sales services with Oracle

PC Arts Argentina reduces equipment repair time, cuts costs, and boosts Customer Experience with Oracle.

Founded in 1998, PC Arts Argentina is a manufacturer of personal and business computers and accessories, headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company imports and produces computer components locally in its three branches in Córdoba, Mendoza, and Buenos Aires.

As the business expanded, PC Arts Argentina realized it was crucial to enhance its post-sales department by automating services, improving component traceability on repair processes, and ensuring client satisfaction. To accomplish these goals, it was crucial to adopt a modern and robust platform that would make the entire process more efficient and increase the company’s brand value.


Oracle Service Cloud automated the entire equipment repair record, which gave us full visibility of all steps and helped us identify and solve bottlenecks. The results came in above our expectations: we reduced costs by 40%, expedited the repair process by 35%, and have much happier customers.

Alejandro GalafassiService Manager, PC Arts Argentina

Geschäftliche Herausforderungen

  • Improve component traceability on repair processes, having a precise view of all stages
  • Reduce equipment repair time and enhance customer experience
  • Facilitate post-sales service management 

The entire implementation process took four months, plus one-month of additional support after we went live. We had no issues during this time—the whole process went smoothly and on schedule.

GalafassiService Manager, PC Arts Argentina

Why PC Arts chose Oracle

"Oracle was the only vendor that offered exactly what we needed to improve our post-sales services, increasing traceability, upgrading management, and providing more transparency to our clients. We made only a few specific adjustments for the product to meet our needs."
—Alejandro Galafassi, Service Manager, PC Arts Argentina


  • Implemented Oracle Service Cloud to manage all repair service provided in-store 
  • Utilized Oracle Field Service Cloud for services offered on-site, giving managers complete and accurate oversight of the entire repair process
  • Shortened clients’ equipment repair time by 35% and ensured Service-Level Agreement (SLA) compliance, as Oracle Service Cloud traces the entire repair process and indicates next steps, eliminating manual updates and expediting the entire process
  • Reduced repair service costs by 40%, as the post-sales team can now identify gaps and bottlenecks on the repair process faster, assigning technicians to each job more efficiently, which increaseed the number of units repaired, decreasing the final cost.
  • Eliminated the need for clients to create additional repair requests when redelivering equipment to get fixed—all information provided on the first contact is now stored in the Oracle Service Cloud, improving the customer experience 
  • Simplified post-sales management and improved customer service efficiency by automating data gathering and centralizing all information on a single platform—in the past, PC Arts Argentina used to work with two separate platforms 
  • Gave the customer real-time online access to the entire repair process, from the moment the equipment is checked in until it is ready to be picked up, which increased process transparency and helped build trust with customers
  • Prompted crucial changes to PC Arts Argentina’s customer service that led to outstanding results on satisfaction surveys—91% of clients would recommend the company’s post-sales services
Veröffentlicht:September 1, 2019