Xactly lowers costs and ups performance with Oracle Cloud

The leader in revenue intelligence solutions saved money and gained speed when it moved its database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as our preferred platform empowers us to speed innovation and transform customer experiences. No other cloud provider delivers the cost and performance benefits we require and the exceptional customer service that is essential to our business.

Chris CabreraFounder and CEO, Xactly

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Xactly knows a thing or two about business performance. The company is a consistent Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in ICM software, a set of revenue intelligence tools that connect sales behaviors, company objectives, and compensation. Customers use it to improve revenue performance with Xactly’s data-driven Intelligent Revenue Platform.

When Xactly was founded in 2005 it launched in the cloud, one big reason being it was able to sustain impressive growth. Over time, Xactly built more than 20 data centers to support its operations. “Each of these cost a lot of money,” says Chris Cabrera, Xactly founder and CEO. “We had to buy hardware and everything that goes with it, plus maintain it all in different countries.”

To operate cost-effectively while continuing to innovate, Xactly needed to move most of its critical workloads from its private cloud to a more powerful infrastructure.

Why Xactly Chose Oracle

Xactly’s flagship product, Xactly Incent, was built on Oracle Database, so the decision to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was “a no-brainer,” says Cabrera. OCI promised to deliver better elasticity and price-performance capabilities, including lower total cost of ownership. Xactly CTO Ron Rasmussen put it this way: “No one runs Oracle faster than Oracle.”


With more speed and less cost, Xactly has the power to serve its customers better.

A more robust, reliable platform lets customers extend their adoption and usage of Xactly’s services.

Improved security simplifies monitoring, auditing, and access controls for increased operational efficiencies.

Streamlined integrations simplify maintenance of other applications running on OCI. Oracle’s next-generation cloud, with networking, storage, and compute optimized for the largest workloads, gives Xactly consistently high performance and reliability.

“We’re very compute-intensive,” says Cabrera. “We process millions and millions of transactions per customer every day. We needed big-time server capability, and we knew we’d get it with Oracle.”

He adds, “As a native cloud company, we knew that it made sense to move to OCI as we keep looking for ways to grow and transform the business.”

Veröffentlicht:May 26, 2021