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Oracle Infinity

Put your data in motion to increase online conversion rates, enhance digital experiences, and improve business outcomes. Oracle Infinity is a data streaming and analytics solution that brings in and connects customer data to deliver actionable intelligence at scale, in real time.

Discover Oracle Infinity in this product tour.

Explore Oracle Infinity

Collect customer data

Bring in large amounts of customer data, quickly and securely.

In-the-moment insights

Gather and use customer data in the moment. Oracle Infinity collects valuable customer data and makes it available for use in real time—while a website visitor is still online.

Multi-channel view

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers across all digital channels and touchpoints.

Accurate, trusted data

Data comes in with no sampling or batch processing and unlimited custom variables—designed so the data can be trusted.

At scale

Big data infrastructure helps you collect massive amounts of data—both today and as new channels come in the future.

Manage and use customer data

Collect data from all digital systems into individual profiles and use the data to gain insights across channels.

Unique profiles

Gain a deeper level of insight, with data stored at the individual level within unique profiles.

Front- and back-office integration

Integrate your front- and back-office data. Oracle Infinity makes it easy to integrate all of your data into the marketing ecosystem.

Cross-channel insights

Track interactions and analyze visitor paths across various channels.

Connecting to data systems

Easily connect to a customer data platform (CDP) or data warehouse.

Data reporting and analytics

Take advantage of flexible reporting options and derive insights from your customer data. Select from a variety of prebuilt reports or build custom reports to get the information you need.

Real-time visualizations and dashboards

Get the data and reports you need, at the moment you need them. Real-time insights offer accurate, consistent data visualizations that help you analyze campaigns, traffic volumes, and individual engagement.

Custom ad hoc data exploration

Explore your data using multichannel, configurable measurement for web, mobile, and any other digital properties.

Data streaming

See online events and complete visitor sessions as they occur, with no preconfiguration required.

Activate your data and drive results

Drive business results by connecting your real-time data to the CX ecosystem.

Connected customer experiences

Create consistent experiences for your customers throughout their journey with your brand. Oracle Infinity gives you full and complete customer data at your fingertips.

Detailed analysis

Gain insight into the cause of customer behaviors by analyzing all of the data related to what a customer did and who they are.

Improved ROI from marketing

Take advantage of complete and accurate customer data to create more refined segments and more effective and efficient campaigns.


Connect your CX Marketing apps and beyond. Oracle Infinity integrates with Responsys for better targeting, Eloqua for more refined lead scores, and Maxymiser for enhanced A/B testing. Use the streaming API to connect real-time behavioral data with any application.

Key benefits

  • Increase conversions with real-time behaviors

    Harness customer behaviors as they happen and use them to optimize the experience you provide to your customers, in real-time.

  • Scale with flexibility

    Get a system that can grow with you. Built on an innovative, big data platform, Oracle Infinity offers unparalled data collection and accessibility.

  • Improve personalization

    Gather data about each customer at an individual level to better understand their behaviors and deliver more personalized experiences.

  • Deliver accuracy at scale

    Gain reliable insights with absolutely no sampling.

  • Accelerate ROI from your marketing ecosystem

    Take advantage of built-in inegrations, customizable APIs, and data streaming to easily integrate rich behavioral data into your marketing ecosystem.

Key benefits of Oracle Infinity
Thought Leadership

Why Should You Care About Oracle Infinity?

Abbas Makhdum, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Cloud CX

The old ways of capturing, processing, and reporting on customer data are no longer sufficient, as three significant developments are creating a new paradigm: 1. The need for highly relevant and contextual customer experiences, 2. Channel proliferation and the Internet of Things (IoT), and 3. Concerns about data security. Oracle Infinity is built to handle data from most any device and aggregate data together in real time to analyze and feed action systems instantly.

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