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Visualize and Plan Campaigns Across Devices

The Oracle Data Management Platform’s Audience Builder puts the power of the Oracle ID Graph in the hands of marketers. The Audience Builder allows marketers to visualize linkages and build audiences across devices. With enhanced audience segmentation and delivery, Oracle DMP users now have even more options to define exactly who they want to analyze and target by selecting the device ID from the environment from which the data was collected.

Visualize Campaigns Across Devices

  • Analyze Data Across Devices: Define exactly who to target by the device ID source.
  • Match Devices to Consumers: To reach the right person at the right time with the right message.
  • View Inventory Counts by Device: View device inventory counts against both first and third-party data, in the platform.
Visualize Campaigns Across Devices

Align Customers to Devices

  • Drive Mobile-First Media Strategies: Associate consumer behavior with device to engage them with relevant messaging.
  • Integrate CRM Data: Combine first party data (website and CRM) with any third-party data in the Audience Data Marketplace to get a truly holistic view of customers.
  • Map Consumer Purchase Path to Device: And deliver a consistent message across multiple devices.
Align Customers to Devices

Increase Conversions at Each Stage

  • Know Where Conversions Occur: And what devices they used along the way to modify strategies to optimize media buys.
  • More Granular Analysis: Eliminate device data not associated with your consumer’s buying journey.
  • Eliminate Waste: Better targeting will result with fewer wasted impressions and higher overall campaign ROI’s.
Increase Conversions at Each Stage

Better Segmentation, Better Connectivity

Select devices as part of your strategy then send the audience to an execution platform of your choice to send data to, so long as they transact on those devices. Since Oracle has more than 200+ media delivery integrations, you can activate this data in more places, more quickly.

Better Segmentation, Better Connectivity

Customer Stories

Team One logo

Team One Helps Automobile Manufacturer Unify Data to Drive Faster Buying Process

Team One Helps Automobile Manufacturer Unify Data to Drive Faster Buying Process
ESET logo

ESET Gains Control of Data and Fills Pipeline with Oracle

ESET partnered with Oracle Marketing Cloud to tactfully identify and track user data in order to create active segments which the sales team can highly curated messages. In six months, ESET has increased their sales leads by 94% with Oracle Eloqua.
Morningstar logo

Morningstar Bolsters Data Structure with Oracle

Morningstar strengthens data configuration and governance with the help of Oracle Expert Services. Boosting sales enablement and better aligning with net support, Morningstar artfully maneuvers the Oracle Eloqua tool from the bottom-up.
Oracle BlueKai


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