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Unite Disparate Data to Make It Actionable

Powered by the Oracle Marketing Cloud and the Oracle Data Cloud, the powerful technology behind the Oracle ID Graph™ unites disparate data sources to form a unique, singular profile of consumers in the Oracle Data Management Platform. This allows marketers to focus their efforts on people-based marketing, and to drive improvements to their personalization and contextualization programs.

Unify Data Across Channels for a Holistic View of Consumers

  • Onboard Offline Data: With tools powered by the Oracle ID Graph to unify data across channels.
  • Enrich 1st Party Data: With third party data from the Audience Data Marketplace to better understand buyer motivations.
  • Build Campaigns that Scale: Using industry leading lookalike models from within the Oracle Data Management Platform.
Unify Data Across Channels for a Holistic View of Consumers

Create Cross-Device Campaigns

  • De-duplicate Audiences: To a single ID Across a wide variety of device ID sources.
  • Cross-Device Targeting: Use cookie-to-mobile links to reach audiences on any device.
  • Geolocation-Based Segments: Target audiences on locations they’ve visited.
Create Cross-Device Campaigns

View Consumers through a Single Lens for Measurement and Optimization

  • ROI Campaign Analytics: Measure the effect of online campaigns on offline sales.
  • Campaign Buyer Summary: Correlate offline sales with online campaign activity.
  • Sales Signals: Make offline activity an asset that can be optimized against when online campaigns that are still in-flight.
View Consumers through a Single Lens for Measurement and Optimization

Connect with an Individual Customer Across All Channels & Devices

The Oracle ID Graph, a Foundational Technology That Powers the Oracle DMP: The Oracle ID Graph establishes and validates connections between IDs that enable the transport of data from one ID space to another, for the purposes of targeting or measurement applications. The Oracle ID Graph is not a product but it is a foundational capability or technology that power the Oracle DMP. All linkages in Oracle ID Graph are continuously validated and scored, which changes dynamically based on a proprietary algorithm to the input. Only the linkages deemed accurate are accepted. Oracle ingests massive amounts of IDs across cookies, login, HH, email, and mobile ad IDs on a weekly or sometimes daily basis from ID data partners. The Oracle ID Graph can reach over 90% of people online in the US and in markets that matter internationally so users can deliver audiences, at scale, and across channels.