Middle revenue cycle

Middle cycle revenue aggregates clinical and financial information to help you collaborate with other teams while you perform clinical reviews and plan transition activities. It is also focused on helping streamline coding and billing workflows.

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The products shown are intended as examples of what has been provided in specific cases. Each medical device/product is designed to comply with the regulations of the geography where it is used. However, we cannot assure its availability or compliance in other specific regions. Local adaptations may be necessary to meet regional requirements.

Health information management

Healthcare organizations need an efficient way to manage patient information, which is both a vital part of their health journey and, subsequently, influences reimbursement. Oracle Health HIM connects with your EHR to give you access to near real-time information so you can monitor and support health information electronically for a comprehensive medical record. By leveraging accurate documentation throughout a clinically driven revenue cycle, your coding staff can work toward avoiding delays, protect against audit risk, and focus on more-complex issues and strategic quality initiatives.

Coding staff workflow efficiencies
Oracle Health HIM moves the coder from a fragmented workflow in multiple systems to a seamless, connected workflow within the EHR. To optimize our coding product, we’ve collaborated with industry leaders—including 3M and Optum—to connect their content, grouping, and editing capabilities into the coding workflow.

Chart completion
Oracle Health HIM helps automate chart completion activities—all within the context of a single medical record. Facilitate seamless communication between clinicians and HIM regarding incomplete documentation and track the completion and authentication of documents and orders within the EHR.

Release of information
Oracle Health’s release of information workflow is embedded within the EHR, enabling a streamlined flow to track and fulfill requests. The release of information process is supported while you’re connected to the EHR and enables HIPAA compliance within the workflow.

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