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Need for Speed: Real-Time Payments and APIs

Oracle commissioned this Forrester Thought Leadership Spotlight to help banks understand the business outcomes they can achieve with digital payment modernization.

Racing Against Real-Time Payments and APIs

Improve payment infrastructure efficiency

Oracle Banking Payments offers comprehensive transaction-processing support for the payment needs of retail and corporate customers.

Banks can drastically reduce transaction processing time with built-in workflows adhering to industry best practices and STP rules.

Cross-border payments, domestic high- and low-value payments, direct debits, and faster payments can all be supported on a single platform.

Payment Hub

Deliver a smooth payments experience

Oracle Banking Digital Experience offers retail and corporate payment functionality across wearables, mobile, and desktop.

Execute payments on iMessage, voice-enabled payments like Siri and Facebook Messenger, and via chatbots.

Corporates can process international payments, bulk file uploads, recurring payments, bill payments, and manage billers on their fingertips.


Jump-start a connected payments ecosystem

Oracle Banking APIs provides banks with ready-to- deploy APIs. Banks can leverage the solution’s strong customer authentication, entitlement, consent, and limits management capabilities.

With retail and corporate APIs for all payment formats, banks can plug and play into an ecosystem of banks, financial-technology institutions (fintechs), corporates, and third-party developers.


Offer intelligent pricing and flexible billing

Oracle provides a complete pricing and billing platform that is well-suited for various participants in the payments ecosystem, including payment processors, card schemes, and merchant acquirers. It offers end-to-end functionality from customer account management through multidimensional pricing, flexible billing, invoice management, and scheme management.

Pricing and Billing
Unlock New Revenue Streams

Maximize Returns with Open API Banking

The immense potential of open API banking is a game-changer for financial institutions, both in terms of enhancing customer satisfaction as well as maximizing revenue.

Oracle for Payments


Explore thought leadership and research on payments transformation and see how a modern, unified payments hub can empower banks to examine their payments businesses and stay ahead of the curve.