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Hospitality in 2025: Automated, Intelligent…and More Personal

There’s no going back to business as usual. From technology usage to loyalty expectations and purchasing behaviors, consumer demands have changed in the past two years. Now, hospitality operators must invest to change alongside them and ensure the viability of their business.

The best path forward with hospitality technology

Oracle Hospitality and Skift surveyed more than 600 hoteliers and 5,000 consumers across the world to better understand marketplace expectations for the next three years. The findings of the research effort reveal the critical roles technology will play in redefining hospitality. The report explores key topics such as

  • What are the “must-have” technologies from a guest service and hotel investment perspective?
  • How will automation and artificial intelligence enable hotels to provide more personalized guest services before, during, and after their stay?
  • How are hotels rethinking their revenue models to support guest demands for more customized experiences?

The soul of the hospitality business lies in its ability to connect human beings to each other and to the places they visit. Understand how to use technology as a tool to serve that purpose. Register here to receive your copy of the report as soon as it’s released.

Explore the Oracle unified hospitality cloud platform.

Additional hospitality technology resources

Make every guest encounter a winning one

Innovate with the fast, simple integration capabilities of a unified technology suite.

Inspire front-desk agents

Maximize revenue growth by providing guests with compelling, dynamically priced upsell offers for room and nonroom inventory.

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