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Customer Engagement Technology That Delivers Results

Utilities need a modern, cloud-based platform to engage diverse customers and optimize energy savings. Opower is the world’s leading platform for energy efficiency and customer engagement.

Experience Matters. Performance Matters. Connect and Engage Every Customer with Opower.

Enabling a Modern Digital Customer Experience.

We’ve introduced more than 100 innovations that enable our utility partners to deliver a modern digital customer experience and connect with every residential customer.

Unparalleled Performance. Verified More Than 100 Times.

While there are many solutions that claim to be comparable, no other company can offer the scale and performance of Opower programs. No other vendor has as many rigorous, third-party verification of its behavioral energy efficiency and peak management program results.

Utilities across the world have partnered with Opower to deliver accurate and actionable energy insights to their customers while achieving predictable energy savings.

Customer-Centric. Integrated. Effective at Scale.

Oracle Utilities Opower is uniquely capable of delivering products that yield results for the entire utility organization. We continue to deliver new business models for the changing distributed energy resource and energy efficiency environment. The Opower platform integrates advanced analytics, personalization, and coordinated outbound delivery to help utilities achieve their most important objectives.

Create Value Across Your Enterprise with Opower

Creating value through your customers takes a whole utility village: demand-side management, customer experience and operations, marketing, and even distribution operations teams working together. With one customer engagement platform, your whole enterprise can create engaged, satisfied customers, and more customers participating in a cleaner, distributed energy system. And this results in cost-effective energy savings when and where they’re needed, lower service costs and new revenue streams.

Transform your customer relationships

Transform your customer relationships

The Opower platform delivers energy insights and advice at the moments that matter. Personalized customer communications and insight-rich web, mobile, and CSR tools help your customers understand and gain control over their energy use — and appreciate you for it. Opower helps you intelligently engage your customers when they need service.

Opower Energy Efficiency creates a 5-8% lift in customer satisfaction. Opower Peak Management creates a 13 percent increase in customer trust. And 89% of customers surveyed love Opower Proactive Alerts.

Learn why utility customers love Opower Proactive Alerts
Reliably hit your behavioral DSM targets

Reliably hit your behavioral DSM targets

The Opower platform makes it easy to meet your energy efficiency and demand reduction targets. Opower delivers savings, satisfaction, and customer action with every communication, and our results have been verified more than 100 times. And our program design and regulatory practices lead the industry.

We’re moving beyond paper with digital energy reports, proactive alerts, peak management notifications, and the Opower online audits. These all work together to continue to deliver reliable behavioral energy and peak savings results at scale.

Reimagine your behavioral DSM program with Opower
Digitally engage more customers

Digitally engage more customers

Utilities use Opower to create an award-winning digital customer experience. Customers love personalized Opower emails: they open them at a rate 2x the utility industry average and click through in surprising numbers—up to 13 percent.

And with Opower energy insights and advice easily embedded into your web and mobile apps, you can improve your customer time on site by up to 24 percent. But don’t take our word for it, ask PG&E and BG&E—in 2017, ESource voted theirs the top two US utility websites in North America.

Elevate your digital customer experience with Opower
Reduce your customer service costs

Reduce your customer service costs

The Opower platform helps your customers and your personnel get things done quickly. Distributed energy resources, new rates, and smart homes are creating complex new customer service challenges. Yet even the toughest customer questions become easy to answer when your customers and your people have intelligent energy insights at their fingertips.

You can reduce your overall call volume by up to 13 percent, cut your average handle time, and help your agents transform habitual callers into digitally self-serving customers with Opower.

Redefine the bar for efficient customer service (0:39)
Scale up your products and programs

Scale up your products and programs

Utilities use Opower to create more lifetime value from their customer relationships. With adaptive, intelligent recommendations and dynamic marketing embedded throughout your customer experience, Opower leads your customers to action. Opower creates a 30 percent lift in customer participation in utility DSM and customer programs.

Opower increased the number of customers purchasing thermostats on Con Edison’s marketplace by 61 percent and customers adopting new PG&E rates by 40x.

Supercharge your entire portfolio of products and programs
Lead your customers to connect their homes

Lead your customers to connect their homes

Opower makes digital assistants and device control programs effective at scale. Digital assistants may not revolutionize DSM, but they can modernize your customer experience. Residential device control programs offer promise for a clean energy future, and Opower is the engine for scaling that innovation.

Each of your customers is on a different journey toward engaging with you digitally and automating how their DERs and smart home devices use energy. Opower helps you meet them where they are and lead them toward participating in a digital, customer-centric grid.

Bring your customers into a clean energy future

Washington Gas Launches Energy Efficiency Programs

“The good thing about a program like Opower is that it's cost-effective and delivers energy savings immediately.”

Sean Skulley, Energy Efficiency Programs, Washington Gas