Corporate Reputation Assessment

Pharmaceutical companies face intense scrutiny over product safety, ethical pricing, and transparent communication. This makes building and maintaining trust with stakeholders a critical yet complex task. Oracle helps manage your reputation in the market by guiding your corporate strategies and measuring their impact.

Corporate reputation assessment solutions

Building trust through proactive reputation management

Oracle provides a unique, tailored roadmap to proactively monitor your reputation and course-correct your strategy. We continuously measure, manage, and monitor the impact of your strategies to help you bridge the gap between your corporate values and stakeholder perceptions of your company.

A flexible, forward-looking approach

Our approach to corporate reputation assessment is highly flexible, and the guidance we provide is unique to your business and the environment you operate within. We focus on priority stakeholder groups, whether they’re healthcare professionals, patients or customers, payers, shareholders, or the general public.

Validated assessment models for robust measurement

We employ proven models supported by years of experience to provide clear, robust direction. Oracle Life Sciences has a wealth of experience and data for you to draw upon. We’ve been tracking corporate reputations for leading life sciences companies for more than 10 years.

Clear direction to guide your strategies and tactics

While validated metrics are extremely important, it’s the resulting strategies and tactics that matter. Using our Brand Plus Consulting framework, which was developed specifically for life sciences, we help guide your strategies for a specific stakeholder group based on validated evidence from your customers.

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