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B&Q Uses Kinetic Email Module to Increase Mobile Engagement 32%

To keep up with the increasingly mobile consumer, retailers need to reassess the format of the emails they send. B&Q’s marketing team was tasked with being more innovative with emails. The team needed a solution to boost engagement rates within the body of the email.



  • Mobile in-email engagement rates
  • Customer use of mobile to interact with email
  • Tasked with being innovative in email marketing


  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Responsive Email Format
  • Kinetic Email Module


  • 18% increase in responder-to-open rates with 32% increase among club members.
  • 42,000 click throughs to the website.
  • 30% decrease in time spent on email. 

"We're offering customers something they've never been able to do before with modern web-like interactions within email on mobile devices. By providing this ability, we've seen customers spending less time on email, but engaging at a much higher level."

Chrissie Heaver | Email Planner, B&Q


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