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Digital Analytics

Oracle Infinity: Put Data in Motion

Data is a powerful asset

To truly understand customers, to see the complete picture of how they interact with a brand across any digital channel at any time, and then be able to act on those insights - is a marketer’s dream. With Oracle Infinity, marketers can put data in motion and turn it into their most powerful business asset.

Introducing Oracle Infinity™

Oracle Infinity is an analytics solution that harnesses big data and works in real time to collect, process, and deliver actionable customer intelligence at scale – with unlimited flexibility.

Create Irresistible Customer Experiences with Oracle Infinity

Learn more about a new standard of digital analytics to help brands succeed in an increasingly data saturated world that is real time, easy to use, scalable, open, accurate and secure.


Activating Data in a B2B World

B2B Marketers are overwhelmed with too much data across too many channels. As a result, it’s difficult to identify the next best action that will drive more leads down the sales funnel. With Oracle Infinity, marketers can collect and analyze data from activities across multiple platforms for known users and then activate the data in their marketing automation system.
Data activation can occur in areas such as high precision lead scoring models and triggers for specific campaign events for better conversion rates. The possibilities for infusing real time data analytics into B2B processes to create connected experiences across sales, service and marketing are unlimited.

In the Moment B2C Insights & Experiences

Today’s B2C marketers face an unprecedented challenge in delivering the right customer experience at the right time. The cross-channel digital journey of the always-connected consumer has become increasingly difficult to understand. Using real time data to trigger specific events at the moment of need has become critical to success in a B2C environment. 
Knowing where a consumer left the funnel and why tells an important story for the B2C marketer that can help with better segmentation, remarketing, and more personalized customer journeys. 

Powerful Reporting & Analysis

When website traffic sees an unexpected spike from an unknown source, it’s necessary to find the cause and understand why. The ability to explore and interact with the digital data in an ad-hoc fashion and follow analysis paths provides analysts and marketers with incredible power.
As the most customizable analytics solution on the market, Oracle Infinity enables advanced on the fly segmentation and can be tailored to incorporate custom metrics, dimensions, reports and dashboards to make insights easy to consume by anyone in your organization.

Rich visitor behaviors at your fingertips

Analytics data is a critical source of customer behavior that when connected with other data sources can be used to transform the way your brand interacts with customers.
Oracle Infinity makes it easy to integrate individual-level analytics data into your own customer data warehouse or big data initiative — securely and quickly.
Oracle Infinity has Six Key Advantages for Marketers & Analysts

Real time, all the time


All data is available within minutes and ready for streaming instantaneously

Cross-channel insights


Connect behaviors across digital channels and devices

Accuracy at scale


Reliable insights and analysis with absolutely no sampling

Individual level


All data stored at the individual level for deeper analysis

Unlimited scale and flexibility


Unparalleled data collection and accessibility built on an innovative platform

Data activation and openness


Easy integration into the marketing ecosystem to make analytics data actionable.


Leverage the Power of Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Infinity’s open platform makes it easy to connect across your marketing ecosystem and the multiple pillars of your business. Oracle Infinity is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud enabling rich analytics and data activation across the full portfolio of products. Streaming data, coupled with open and customizable APIs allow marketers and business leaders to connect and activate the data across the platforms they prefer. 

Why Being Data Driven is Not Enough

From visitor behavior on websites and social media interactions to mobile app usage across the IoT, brands are inundated with data. Discover why more data doesn’t equal more insight.


Oracle Infinity Product Overview

Learn how Oracle Infinity incorporates reporting, ad hoc data exploration and segmentation into a unified application and a single user experience, to transform the customer experience.


A New Breed of Analytics: Put Data In Motion

Data is the lifeblood of business success, but has been trapped in silos for too long. See how Oracle Infinity helps put data in motion to provide a more complete picture of your customers.