Oracle Global Human Resource Cloud for Midmarket Businesses

Give Your Customers the Answers They Need

Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud

Stay one step ahead. Enhance your workforce performance with Oracle Global Human Resource Cloud. Forecast performance more accurately, predict outcomes and improve decision-making. Plan, model, and deliver large-scale organisational changes faster and with greater certainty.

Get your staff ready for tomorrow:

  • Plan for success—manage your workforce, right across the board, with greater certainty for optimal returns.
  • Streamline everything—make the whole HR process easier from end-to-end. Easily align all your employment systems, make organisational changes faster, have the facts at hand for better decision-making.
  • Make life easier—use innovative mobile and social technology to give employees a work-life balance.
  • Global local—have an overall global HR resource for more than 200 countries, but still support operations at a local level.

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