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Rewarding Customer Loyalty


In today's competitive market, acquiring a new customer will cost you far more than retaining an existing one. So fostering a loyal customer base is critical. Leverage Oracle Loyalty Cloud to increase customer lifetime value and profitability.



Focus on retaining existing customers, acquiring new ones, and increasing customer lifetime value.



Experience the most robust, truly scalable, cloud-based customer loyalty platform.



Improve customer acquisition, profitability, and engagement with rapid loyalty program deployment, simplified usability, and member management.



Deliver unified omnichannel loyalty experiences with prebuilt integrations and REST APIs.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Loyalty Features

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Integrated Across Oracle CX

  • Drive faster time-to-value with preoptimized and streamlined integrations with Oracle Engagement Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and other CX cloud solutions
  • Improve service levels by engaging with loyalty members through customer service agent-assisted channels and managing service inquiries related to loyalty through Oracle Engagement Cloud integration
  • Nurture loyalty program members with Oracle Marketing Cloud campaigns
  • Enable loyalty transactions, redemptions, promotions, and customer dashboards using prebuilt integration with Oracle Commerce Cloud

Partner Management and Billing

  • Keep track of loyalty points assigned to members through external and third-party partners such as redemption catalog partners, credit card providers with card-linked offers, social media partners, and gift card partners
  • Loyalty program administrators can manage partner relationships by tracking transactions and billing activities, allowing partners to assign points to members from a purchased point block

Loyalty Program Embedded Analytics

  • Leverage 360-degree insights to understand your members and improve marketing and sales programs targeted to them
  • See snapshots of crucial information including program performance, activities performed, and rewards obtained
  • Understand member loyalty and make personalized, next-best actions such as offering promotions, upgrading tiers, and providing vouchers


  • Reduce the time and cost of offering a unified and omnichannel customer loyalty program
  • Extend all major program process flows and attributes such as program, member, and transactions data using REST APIs
  • Deliver loyalty programs faster by integrating with on premise, cloud, or third-party technologies—without restrictions

Event-Driven Rewards

  • Use APIs to create automatic events to trigger rewards for birthdays, program anniversaries, wedding anniversaries and other occasions
  • Create the loyalty program reward frequency that works: weekly, monthly, or yearly

What’s New in CX


See what's included with your monthly subscription.

Oracle Loyalty Pricing

  • To best serve our customers’ unique requirements, Oracle offers flexibly Loyalty pricing models.
  • The features and benefits of Oracle Loyalty include:
  • Gain a faster time to value with streamlined, preoptimized integrations across Oracle CX
  • Track loyalty points—internal, external, and third party—with partner and billing management features
  • Understand your most loyal customers and personalize offerings to them with optimized loyalty program snapshots, insights, and analytics
  • Leverage program, member, and transactional data using REST APIs
  • Reduce time and costs with a unified, omnichannel customer loyalty offering
  • Create automatic event triggers based on member’s special occasions and their opt-in frequency requests

For pricing information, contact us.