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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Center

The Oracle Architecture Center is a resource archive that enables developers and IT staff to optimize and customize their cloud, hybrid, and on-premises configurations. From reference architectures to quick-start guides and much more, the OCI Architecture Center benefits both experienced Oracle users and those just beginning their cloud journey. Design and implement your workloads faster, easier, and more efficiently with our catalog of resources.

Oracle Cloud Foundation

The Oracle Cloud Foundation provides the essentials needed to establish a secure infrastructure-as-code architecture in the public cloud.

Modern application development

A prescriptive guide and patterns to build secure, resilient, and scalable applications in OCI.

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Top Oracle Cloud Infrastructure reference architectures

Access a catalog of reference architectures for cloud best practices including availability, performance, security, and costs. You can also quickly visualize the architecture and easily deploy the service directly into your tenancy by just clicking deploy now and validating your OCI account. See all reference architectures.

Scale IoT data streaming efficiently in real time with serverless functions and Oracle Autonomous Database.

Use a Kubernetes cluster to deploy apps that use MySQL to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The apps can be cloud native or legacy apps that you’re migrating to the cloud.

Three-node PostgreSQL cluster with a primary node and two standby nodes using streaming replication.

Run a web application using the security and performance of Arm processors combined with a fully managed Oracle Autonomous Database.

Deploy a scalable and distributed GlusterFS on a three-node high performance computing cluster.

Deploy a horizontal autoscaling web application using node pools with a load balancer and Oracle Autonomous Database.

QuickStart stacks with Terraform QuickStart stacks with Terraform

Access a collection of Terraform stacks available in GitHub. You can easily deploy your stacks on your tenancy and get your infrastructure up and running in minutes.

Built & Deployed series

Stay up to date with the latest deployments and updates on OCI architectures and hear how customers and partners are using OCI to drive innovation. Subscribe to our Built & Deployed series.


Knowesis builds a web application on OCI to serve the US Government


SailGP does racing analytics on OCI, processing 30,000 data points in less than 5 seconds


Waste2Go manages waste collection in major cities with IoT and OCI

Access to OCI best practices framework

The OCI best practices framework is organized under four business goals: security and compliance, reliability and resilience, performance cost optimization, and operational efficiency. Many of the topics within the articles have one or more personas intended to map to architect roles within typical Oracle Cloud Infrastructure organizations. Learn the best practices:

Security and compliance

  • User authentication
  • Resource isolation and access control
  • Compute security
  • Database security
  • Data protection
  • Network security

Reliability and resilience

  • Fault-tolerant network architecture
  • Service limits and quotas
  • Data backup
  • Scaling

Performance and cost optimization

  • Compute sizing
  • Storage strategy
  • Network monitoring and tuning
  • Cost tracking and management

Operational efficiency

  • Deployment strategy
  • Workload monitoring
  • OS management
  • Support
February 28, 2022

Configuring OCI Database Management for On-Premises Oracle Databases

Vivek Verma, Principal Cloud Architect

This blog discusses steps to configure OCI Database Management for on-premises Oracle Databases. OCI Database Management provides comprehensive database performance and management capabilities to monitor and manage Oracle databases. Oracle delivers the best of Oracle Enterprise Manager as a cloud service. DBAs no longer have to maintain the system, freeing up time to focus their high-value skills.

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