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Oracle Content Management—Solutions for information managers

Create, capture, organize, and protect all your content as it flows through your organization with integrated processes and data. Oracle Content Management offers cloud native scalability, security, and governance, so you can eliminate the typical inefficiencies in document management—including organizing and tagging new documents and locating existing ones—and do more with fewer resources.

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Manage all your content from a central repository

Centralize and manage all your content—invoices, contracts, engineering drawings, reports, images, and videos—in one secure system to improve governance, process automation, findability, and reuse.

Manage content in any format

Manage a wide variety of content formats, including Office documents, PDF, CAD files, images, videos, and structured text. Standard web preview capabilities can be extended with third-party viewers to support any content format.

Design a content repository that aligns to your business

Define content types using metadata and tags to best reflect your business assets. Validate dependencies and relationships against your business rules and processes. Define any number of taxonomies to organize and structure your documents.

Set security policies at a granular level

Ensure only authorized users with the appropriate security clearance level can access confidential documents. Use granular security enforcement to control who can manage, contribute, or view business documents in each repository—by asset type and category.

Consume content from any application

Flexibly consume content from any application using complete and open APIs to connect your systems. Efficiently surface content across the front- and back-office, spanning HR, ERP, SCM, CRM, and CX applications.

Automate document digitization to speed up critical business processes

Capture hard copy and electronic documents, applying tags, categories, and metadata to create assets that can be accessed from any number of business processes or applications.

Capture it all

Use native capture tools to quickly upload and index content—such as forms, purchase orders, contracts, receipts, or invoices—from a variety of sources, including scanners, emails, and network file shares. Smart content capabilities eliminate manual effort needed to tag and categorize assets.

Enhance content discoverability

With optical character recognition, your scanned content is converted into fully indexed and searchable content. Advanced search capabilities, such as custom relevancy, auto suggestions, stemming, spelling, and synonyms, make it faster and easier to find the content you need.

Extract metadata with intelligence

When extracting metadata, Oracle’s trained engine recognizes different types of documents and forms to capture pertinent information. Multi-step content validation and approval processes are through custom workflows to improve data accuracy.

Leverage AI and machine learning for maximum asset discoverability

Use embedded intelligence to automatically tag and categorize content, while eliminating content tagging errors and improving discoverability. Powerful machine-learning–based tools help you understand and classify your content quickly using image recognition and natural language processing (NLP).

Use smart tags for uploaded assets

Improve tagging accuracy and enrich manual tags with automatic "smart tags" that use image recognition against millions of previously trained images and tags.

Save time with smart classification

Save time and effort by automatically classifying assets against your corporate taxonomies using suggestions driven by NLP. Ensure that content is always discoverable by easily reclassifying assets as they are updated or as your taxonomies evolve.

Find the right content faster

Leverage advanced search options to find the right content faster. Keyword suggestions, visual search, and category filters help you quickly identify the assets you need, whether you’re managing a few hundred assets or tens of millions.

Leverage multilanguage search

Take full advantage of a multilanguage search engine that supports custom relevancy, auto suggestions, stemming, spelling, and synonyms.

Speed up content creation through seamless, contextual collaboration

Easily share your content files and folder and collaborate with others inside or outside of your organization.

Securely share files across teams

Create secure links to files and folders for sharing within your organization or via email with external users. Reduce IP theft by limiting your links to view-only, protecting sensitive data against undesired downloads.

Microsoft Office integration

Open project documents directly in Microsoft Office, either through our desktop plugin or directly in the cloud through Office 365. Document updates are automatically saved back into your content hub.

Connect to popular file-sharing tools

Work with collaborators using external file-sharing tools, such as Google Drive and OneDrive. Import finished assets into your content hub to effectively manage the content throughout its lifecycle.

Use digital signature plugins

Partner solutions, such as DigiSign and HelloSign, can be easily plugged into your platform to support digital signature requirements.

Streamline asset validation and approval

Combine business processes and content services to support a variety of requirements, including document verification, process approvals, and complex case management.

Gain streamlined document approvals

Submit your captured documents and their associated metadata for review and approval without leaving the web console. Easily assign workflows to content by type and repository. Deploy standard workflows in Oracle Integration Cloud or build custom workflows as needed.

Initiate processes with document uploads

Kick off a business process by uploading a document to your hub. Easily set up different document types to initiate different business processes.

Process attachments and case management

Upload any number of documents as attachments to business processes and store those documents securely in your content hub. Documents are archived automatically as each process instance is closed.

Business processes for the entire enterprise

Whether it is HR, finance, operations, legal, engineering, or marketing, departments are being challenged to rethink how they manage content and share it across the organization. Ensure your approved and validated content is integrated to front- and back-office applications spanning HR, ERP, SCM, CRM, and CX.

Deliver content in the context of business application processes

Combine business processes and content services to support various requirements, including document verification, process approvals, and complex case management.

Customize and extend the web console

Design custom forms and layouts so that the upload experience is optimized through the web console. Create custom connectors to allow your business users to search and import content from any external system.

Embed content widgets

Configurable web components let developers quickly embed document views into any web application by using a few lines of JavaScript. As new functionality is delivered into the platform, it can be immediately surfaced through embeddable components.

Integrate seamlessly across the front- and back- office

Access content directly within your enterprise applications, including HCM, ERP, SCM, CRM, marketing, ecommerce, sales, and service.

Build custom integrations and experiences

Leverage the robust set of content APIs to surface content functionality into your custom applications. Easily build custom web experiences using the native SiteBuilder tools in the platform.

Increase agility. Eliminate operational costs.

As a 100% cloud native platform, Oracle guarantees end-to-end availability and manages all essential operational tasks, including monitoring, patching, and security, reducing costs and increasing agility. So you get an unparalleled return on your investment.

Get started in minutes

Once you have access to your Oracle Cloud account, you can set up a production-ready content hub in less than five minutes. Add additional users to the hub manually or integrate with your corporate directory to make the hub as open or secure as needed.

Scale with your business

Start with a few thousand documents in the repository and grow to tens of millions of documents. Autoscaling ensures that there’s always room for growth, and you pay only for what you use.

Stay on the latest version

Say goodbye to manual effort and get the latest functionality without the costs of migrating to new versions and applying patches. Updates are automatically rolled out to every Oracle Cloud region every month using a zero-downtime approach to ensure you are never out of service.

Gain guaranteed availability

Oracle provides a 99.95% SLA for availability of the platform. We do this by offering a multitenant architecture that leverages native failover capabilities in Oracle Cloud from bandwidth to storage to security.

Customer success

Solairus Aviation powers their client portal with Oracle Content Management

Solairus Aviation uses Oracle Content Management to get clients all the financial information they need about the management of their aircraft, down to the transaction level.

Key benefits—content management for information managers

Maintain content governance and consistency

Centralize the management of content, including creation, approval, and distribution. It’s digital asset management that helps you maintain brand consistency and govern content quality.

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Transform your employee experience

Transform your business, at each stage of the employee lifecycle, with a headless CMS platform that brings offline processes online, supports cross-team collaboration in real time, connects technologies, and extends content into new digital channels.

Save time, reduce creation costs, and increase content visibility

Merge content creation, management, publishing, and delivery to create personalized content at scale and deliver it—in real time—across various channels.

Content and video creation, management, delivery—deep dive