5 Co. powers ads for demand-side platforms using Oracle Contextual Intelligence

The marketing agency uses Oracle Contextual Intelligence to drive better campaign results by serving only relevant content to potential customers.


With Oracle Contextual Intelligence, we power our initiative to amplify the marketing message of our clients in the cookie-less era. We see that our approach of advertising with Contextual Intelligence, powered by Oracle Advertising, is bringing them huge benefits.

Ryuichi KisakiSenior Trading Specialist, 5 Co.

Business challenges

5 Co. is a marketing agency established in 2007 in Tokyo, Japan that helps marketers improve brand performance and expand their online presence in Asia, Europe, and North America with a toolset of promotional and ecommerce services.

The key challenge for 5 Co. was the accurate evaluation of their clients’ campaign results in terms of effectiveness when they use major demand-side platforms (DSP) to buy media space. The content that is served to customers following an advertising campaign must be strongly aligned with brand missions, themes, seasons, and consumer behaviors.

The company also wanted to avoid using people-based audience targeting in more sensitive product categories as many adtech providers and advertisers prohibit these practices. Rather than targeting people, they wanted to use contextual targeting through relevant content for ad placements to help reach likely customers and prospects.

We have built better relationships with our clients who used to depend on audience data by leading them to post-cookie advertising solutions ahead of time. With Oracle Contextual Intelligence, we have more opportunities with new clients from various industries since we can invest in specific content categories which are very difficult to cover with audience targeting.

Ryuichi KisakiSenior Trading Specialist, 5 Co.

Why 5 Co. chose Oracle

Because of its powerful early integration with major DSPs, Oracle Contextual Intelligence arose as the perfect fit to address the company’s needs. Coupled with Oracle’s extensive knowledge in the advertising space and the prospect of further using the platform in campaigns for certain product categories, it was clear that Oracle Advertising was the key to unlocking growth for 5 Co.


Without increasing advertising budgets, Oracle Contextual Intelligence helped 5 Co. nearly double sales, differentiate from the competition, and provide brands in its portfolio with clear and effective advertising measures by analyzing and categorizing online content to determine the true context. 5 Co.’s clients now reach more potential online customers through relevant and tailored contextual segments and offer website visitors more positive experiences. It also further helped meet client campaign demands by reducing the cost-per-click (CPC) and increasing conversion rates.

Through the analysis offered by Oracle Contextual Intelligence, 5 Co. was able to integrate groups of words and phrases with advertising inventory data at major DSPs and assess the touchpoints that consumers encounter while making a purchase. This enabled the company’s advertising experts to serve prospective customers relevant, timely, and tailored advertising content that matched the context of the campaign.

With Oracle Predicts prebid contextual advertising­­—part of Oracle Contextual Intelligence—the company also helps clients capitalize on trending content and the associated stories and topics to better engage with their audiences using daily automated updates powered by artificial intelligence.

Using Oracle Contextual Intelligence, 5 Co. can also pre-filter the content for each contextual segment that will be displayed to different audiences. On top of tailoring the content strategy for better campaign results, this also reduces unnecessary advertising spend for clients.

The company is currently reviewing its approach to campaigns for more personal items, like health and wellness products, expecting much greater benefits for clients advertising these products by using Contextual Intelligence. Because the system doesn’t target readers based on personal information but rather on the content of each web page, 5 Co. is well positioned to advertise these unique products in brand-safe environments.

Unlike traditional audience targeting practices, Oracle Contextual Intelligence has made it possible to deliver relevant ads that match users’ changing interests in real time. The system enabled 5 Co. to control the delivery and destination of each ad with more precision, leading to innovation and even greater client satisfaction.

Published:22. juni 2022

About the customer

5 Co. provides comprehensive support services for online media placements with enhanced targeting that guides potential customers towards a successful online buying experience. The company owns expert knowledge in the field of digital advertising such as web media, traffic advertising, and campaign management, combining the necessary services to achieve customers’ marketing and advertising objectives.