Amaggi boosts uptime by migrating key workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The Brazilian agribusiness saves 20% in costs and reduces monthly close time 2X by moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Moving from our data center onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has reduced costs, eliminated hardware refresh bottlenecks, and has given our producer and logistics ecosystem a tremendous boost in availability.

Wagner BiasiCSC and IT Manager, Amaggi

Business challenges

Amaggi is a Brazilian agribusiness company active in large-scale soybean, corn, and cotton production with emphasis on sustainable development. The company currently has 362,000 hectares of agricultural production and sells around 16.9 million tons of grain worldwide. Amaggi is present in Argentina, Paraguay, China, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Norway.

As a major player in the agribusiness sector, which sustains the Brazilian trade balance through exports, Amaggi invests in the development of precision agriculture—techniques that improve crop management and optimize productive areas. Every year the company wins awards and certifications for sustainable development.

With today’s agribusiness driven by technology, Amaggi invests continually in integrating its systems for business efficiency. In 2022, with data center equipment and maintenance at end of life, the company decided to migrate to a more robust structure that would guarantee data security and high availability of its IT infrastructure.

Agribusiness is on the cutting edge in Brazil. If you visit a farm, you will be amazed at the degree of technology. A soybean or cotton harvester is practically a computer on wheels. With OCI connectivity, we control the entire process from cultivation to export.

Wagner BiasiCSC and IT Manager, Amaggi

Why Amaggi chose Oracle

Amaggi ran Oracle Exadata Database Machine and associated technologies in its data center for years. While evaluating other cloud providers, Amaggi selected Oracle as a known quantity that understood the business challenge and proposed the most responsive solution for the company’s move to the cloud.


By migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Exadata Cloud Service, Amaggi reduced costs 20% by not having to refresh its data center through the arduous cycle of negotiating the purchase and delivery of expensive imported hardware.

OCI now runs the entire Amaggi production environment of 46 terabytes, including the critical grain processing, grain origination, agricultural support, weights and measures, and credit systems. The platform also supports the company’s SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which was migrated over a weekend.

Previously hampered by database unavailability due to memory or disk space overflow, Amaggi now has 99.999% uptime through OCI’s high availability, monitoring service, and load balancing. Billing disruption caused by downtime has been eliminated with OCI’s high availability and lower latency, which ensures greater speed in grain shipment and delivery for Amaggi and its producers.

Efficiency gains also include 3X faster database provisioning, enabling DevOps teams to support the complex demands of crop picking, storage, loading and unloading, interconnectivity of farm machinery, logistics contractors, traceability, compliance, and cash flow.

The agricultural producer has trimmed monthly closing processes from 40 minutes to 5 minutes, positively impacting business operations that span 100 branch offices in Brazil and subsidiaries abroad.

Amaggi uses OCI FastConnect to link with its Cuiabá data center, which still runs some quality assurance, testing, and business continuity modules. Disaster recovery also sits in Cuiabá, managed by Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, combining the power of Exadata and Oracle Cloud. Amaggi is considering moving the environment to Oracle’s São Paulo cloud region once it realizes the full benefits of OCI for its production workloads.

Oracle Cloud Governance also supports the fiscal complexity and controls Amaggi deals with in the import of farm inputs and export of grain. International Ship and Port Facility Security Codes for receiving and shipping merchandise, bills of lading, shipping manifests, toll payments, freight payments, and more all need maximum available connectivity as well as the checks and balances within OCI governance and security.


Amaggi went live with OCI in six months, assisted by Oracle Consulting and Oracle Partner Lanlink.

Published:27. maj 2022