MAPEI transforms and empowers employee experience with Oracle Cloud HCM

The manufacturing company streamlines HR processes and unifies all HR data globally using Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management.


With Oracle Cloud HCM, we have centralized HR data from all our diverse legal entities on a single platform. This is highly strategic for us because it allows us to develop a series of communications and actions between departments and companies that was previously unthinkable.

Giuseppe CastelliGroup Corporate HR and Organization Director, MAPEI

Business challenges

The leader in the production of adhesives, sealants, and chemical products for construction, MAPEI experienced rapid growth over the last 10 years, expanding its operations to include 83 subsidiaries in 57 countries across five continents. However, the company lacked standardized global processes for human resources.

Specifically, MAPEI’s HR data was kept in a range of disparate systems within its various subsidiaries and was extremely difficult to combine. The company’s executives could not readily assess the status of the group’s human capital, which hindered decision-making as well as HR policy development.

The company needed a comprehensive platform that could simplify HR functions, including compensation, performance, recruitment, and learning, and enable the group to focus on employee development to maintain its position as an industry leader.

Oracle Cloud HCM is the best solution for our corporate HR to develop and implement global policies and procedures.

Giuseppe CastelliGroup Corporate HR and Organization Director, MAPEI

Why MAPEI chose Oracle

MAPEI recognized the need for a single system that was comprehensive enough to centralize all HR data and processes. The system also needed to be highly flexible so that local HR teams could retain the autonomy and agility that had made the company successful.

After a thorough vendor selection process, MAPEI chose Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) because of its deep functionality, strong integration capabilities, and its ability to automate and bring transparency to the full range of HR functions.

Oracle Cloud HCM was particularly compelling for the company because it would give HR managers, executives, and employees full access to the software while also simplifying future upgrades and scaling.

MAPEI uses Oracle Cloud HCM as a unified platform with a single source of HR truth to reduce manual HR processes by more than 60%.


MAPEI reduced manual HR processes by more than 60% by implementing a suite of Oracle Cloud HCM modules to standardize, digitize, and simplify processes for 11,000 employees globally. Rather than running on a myriad of disconnected on-premises HR systems, it now uses a unified platform with a single source of HR truth for all its legal entities, from production facilities and administrative offices to research and development centers.

This consolidation has eliminated labor-intensive data collection and significantly boosted the quality and speed of reporting. Managers can now assess up-to-date HR data from any device, enabling them to make rapid, accurate, data-driven business decisions.

In addition, Oracle Cloud HCM has enabled MAPEI to focus on employee development, a top priority for the group. Employee learning, including needs assessment and training administration, is now fully managed within the system, which is also integrated with the MAPEI Technical Institute. Performance management processes have been standardized, enabling managers to develop their teams in a structured way to meet group objectives.

The comprehensive system has enabled MAPEI to implement HR policies at a global level, while being flexible enough to allow customizations for local practices. This has significantly boosted the efficiency and satisfaction of the group’s dispersed and diverse HR teams.

Using Oracle Cloud HCM, MAPEI has streamlined and automated the compensation function worldwide. This represents a significant advantage over the previous compensation setup, which was administered manually on spreadsheets at the local level, with no common process, in-depth analysis, or ability to integrate with external services.

The group has also improved and standardized its recruitment practices. Leveraging Oracle Cloud HCM’s integration capabilities, local recruiters can now post vacancies effortlessly on job sites such as LinkedIn. The management of job requisitions is automated and transparent with Oracle Recruiting, improving communication between hiring managers and staffers, and enabling the group to measure recruitment performance.

On the competitive engineering job market, Oracle Recruiting has improved MAPEI’s reputation as a modern and high-tech company, as candidates can easily view and apply for open positions anywhere in the world and monitor the status of their applications from their mobile devices.


MAPEI selected Oracle Partner Accenture to assist with its digital HR transformation project. Accenture collaborated closely with Mapei in the deployment and worldwide rollout of Oracle Cloud HCM and supported the company’s organizational and cultural change management.

“We had a good relationship with Accenture and especially appreciated that they took the time to deeply understand our business as well as its technical and functional needs,” says Giuseppe Castelli, group corporate HR and organization director.

Published:27. maj 2022

About the customer

Based in Milan, Italy, MAPEI is a family-owned and operated manufacturing business founded in 1937. The company is a leader in the production of adhesives, sealants, and chemical products for the construction industry.