Ri Happy taps Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to boost stability, cut administration

Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Ri Happy improves the stability of its SAP ERP by 70% while reducing administration work by three hours daily.


Oracle Cloud with Exadata Database Service is extremely stable and scalable, meeting 100% of our needs while reducing time and effort spent.

Israel SilvaIT Manager, Ri Happy Brinquedos S/A

Business challenges

Ri Happy is an innovative toy retailer focused on improving its technology services while also cutting costs. To power business operations, the company ran an in-house SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite on an Oracle Exadata Database Machine in a colocation environment inside a data center. Over time, the enhancements were beyond the capacity of the legacy hardware platform. Eventually, the servers and related systems couldn’t provide for the database’s performance and management improvements to pace with the retailer’s growth.

Maintaining a legacy hardware infrastructure no longer capable of supporting upgrades required increasing IT time and effort with diminishing returns on the investment. To avoid system instability or performance gaps, and to cut maintenance costs, Ri Happy considered a different approach.

If I had to sum up the cloud partnership between Oracle and Ri Happy in one word, it would be ‘success.’

Israel SilvaIT Manager, Ri Happy Brinquedos S/A

Why Ri Happy chose Oracle

Ri Happy made the decision to move its SAP ERP database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to preserve the existing successful client-vendor relationship that was built over years of familiar and outstanding technology and support.

Oracle supports the physical infrastructure needs of the Oracle Exadata Database Service in OCI including power, air conditioning levels, and security. It also delivers enterprise-level accessibility, manageability, and service-level agreements. The platform scales up or down as needed, based on fluctuations in computing resource demands, allowing the retailer to pay only for the resources it needs.

Furthermore, the converged Oracle Exadata Database hardware and software stack automatically receives regular upgrades and bug fixes directly from Oracle. The stack benefits from regular enhancements for speed and security without straining Ri Happy’s internal resources or requiring additional headcount.

Oracle Cloud fully supports Ri Happy’s core ERP database needs on OCI, increasing stack stability, saving on database administration time, and reducing total cost of ownership.


Ri Happy now supports its critical SAP application with Oracle Exadata Database Service, running on OCI, after a smooth migration performed by Oracle Cloud Lift Services without any code changes from the on-premises Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The new OCI environment is 70% more reliable, more scalable on demand, and meets 100% of the company’s ERP processing needs. Because Oracle now manages the Exadata Database Service, the retailer’s IT team no longer must monitor backup tape status, temperature, and power levels, or perform regular database administration tasks.

Specialists from Oracle Partner inventCloud monitor the system in real time and proactively address any potential database performance issues. This reduces the daily management burden for Ri Happy’s IT staff, saving 30% of a dedicated database administrator’s time—or three hours per day. Database administrators are free to address more value-added tasks, such as coding for new business processes and system error correction.

By running its ERP with Oracle Exadata Database Service on OCI, Ri Happy can conveniently interoperate with other third-party applications. For instance, using Microsoft Power BI, the team accesses key operations information and can drill down into specific database conditions and share metrics through charts and reports. The company can also more quickly perform monthly closings and generate reports without risking system stability.

Ri Happy uses OCI’s isolated network virtualization, always-on encryption, and separation of duties in Oracle Database to protect the organization from security threats. OCI improves monitoring and management access capabilities as well, enabling the company to rapidly adapt to the pandemic. When COVID-19 struck, Ri Happy quickly established a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to work remotely. As needed, geographically distributed team members could log into the Oracle Cloud environment and address service requests.

OCI FastConnect enables Ri Happy to connect directly to its OCI virtual cloud network via dedicated, private, high-bandwidth connections, ensuring high availability and performance for communicating between the Oracle database and the company’s SAP ERP system.


Oracle Partner inventCloud supported Ri Happy’s migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Ri Happy had a long-term relationship with inventCloud, which reduced the project risk. During the move, the team handled such tasks as configuring the Oracle hardware and firewall for Ri Happy’s specific needs. It also managed the throughput and bandwidth capacity between the ERP solutions and database systems, ensuring a stable and high-functioning production environment.

Published:31. maj 2022

About the customer

Founded in 1988, Ri Happy is Brazil’s largest specialty toy retailer, with 270 physical stores and a complementary online presence. The company seeks to stimulate child development through play and prides itself on highly personalized service and the creation of unique in-store and online shopping experiences.